5 tricks to get rid of houseflies quickly that works

Flies are a nuisance but they do serve a valuable purpose to the ecosystem. It is not a viable option to eliminate them completely. However, this does not mean that you should put up with them in your home! Myself especially, I cannot stand the nasty blue head fly who are not just noisy but can be health issue if he lands his carcass on my prepared food. In fact, flies in your home are undesirable as they carry a host of diseases. These are exceptionally easy to spread.

Every time a fly lands it is testing the surface via sensors on its feet. These tell it whether it is food or not. If it decides it is edible then the fly will vomit onto the food. This vomit is acidic and dissolves the food so that the fly can suck it up. Unfortunately due to the mixing of the fly’s vomit and the food, you may suffer from constant diarrhea; it literally never stops. This is why you need to ensure you have the best methods of fly control possible.

Below is my top 5 methods that work in fly control indoor:

5 tips to get rid of flies fast that work

The Electric Fly Trap

You’ve probably seen these in restaurants. The small device on the wall that looks a little like a 2 bar fire but glows blue. This is designed to attract flies and, when they reach it they will be killed by the electrical current passing through the device. There are now many different styles of this design which make it possible to install one at home. It can look stylish and virtually invisible! These electric fly trap, also known as fly killer light while powerful to eliminate flies problem at home, when flies get killed, there are particle from the flies that will eject to the air. These particles can then be spread to the surrounding which you can easily inhale them. Therefore, it is important not to place this fly killing unit near to the place where you prepare your food. Furthermore, do not try to let these blue light be seen from outside your house. Otherwise, you may attract more flies or other unwanted insects to inside the house.


Keep It Clean

The electrical trap is great at killing flies that do enter your building. However, they say prevention is better than cure. It is far more desirable to keep the flies out in the first place. This is actually surprisingly easy to do.

Flies are attracted to rotting food. It can be overripe fruit or actually decaying food in your bins. This is why it is essential to remove food waste in sealed bags and place it at least 6 feet from your house. But, you also need to keep your house clean. Small crumbs of food may be virtually unnoticed by us but the flies, and other insects, will notice them. They will come into your property to consume them and then return for more. By cleaning the work surfaces properly and keeping all food either in sealed containers, the refrigerator or the bin, the flies will have no reason to come into your home.


In practical terms, you can do the following:

  • Take out your trash daily
  • Tie any loose plastic bag with food in it
  • Clean up the table after you dine
  • Wipe any spills quickly
  • Cover any non-refrigerated foods
  • Keep pet feeding and litter areas clean this is because animal waste is one reason there is housefly
  • Remove decayed indoor plant/leaves soon so that the fly wont lay their eggs there

Fly Spray

Again this deals with the flies after they have come into your house but it is another effective method for getting rid of them. All you need to do is pick a fly spray that kills efficiently and spray it on them and where their nests might be. However it is worth noting that some of the fly sprays contain some quite noxious chemicals. These can be harmful to humans when breathed in. You need to ensure you pray in well ventilated areas and never over food or food surfaces.

source: Learn how to DIY homemade fly trap that works

Home Remedy: Vinegar fly control

Indeed, this is a long standing working tips to keep fly away from your home. As you probably know the houseflies are very likely attracted to moist and fermented fruit products. Hence, the apple cider vinegar mix is ideal to trap these flies and eliminate them. So how you do it? Here, you go:

Use a shallow mason jar. Fill it with a bit of apple cider vinegar and a spoonful of sugar. To attract the filth fly, add some fruit scented dish soap is recommended. You can either leave this dish uncovered or tightly cover it with food wrap but remember to poke the cover with holes to allow the flies to get in.

mason jar fly trap with vinegar
source: using recycle mason jar for fruit fly trap.

Exclusion method to protect your home from flies

The best method yet is to prevent the houseflies from entering your resident at all cost. This includes the proofing of doors and windows. It is obvious that flies need open space to enter any home. Doors and windows are open space that could attract the flies. To prevent or limit the fly infestation, you may want to install the screen protectors. Just like my home, I install these protectors on all my windows which let in fresh air while keeping all these nasty fly away.

Final Thought

And there you go, my five tips on how to get rid of flies in the house quickly. If you still face with house fly infestation, then you can get professional assistance but this should not generally be necessary.

5 tips to get rid of house flies quick that will amaze you


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3 essential tips you need to know on relocating for dummies

Relocation is something that happens to most of us at a certain point and those of us who have already had such an experience are fully aware of how difficult and overwhelmingly stressful it can be. I know this as I have moved house across the country at least twice! This is my third relocation from the States to Indonesia.  Knowing the basics of moving can help you reduce stress significantly and speed the entire process up. With this in mind, the following list of essential things that you should consider before relocating into a new home across the country will guide you through the stressful moving process. Essentially, this is a beginner tips for dummies really.

Notify the right channels about the change in your location

Your co-workers, friends and family are probably well aware of your upcoming change in location, but there is a lot that could go wrong if you fail to notify all the proper channels before the actual move. For instance, if you fail to timely notify your post office about the location change, your mail may end up getting lost and the consequences here can range from inconvenience to legal issues. Notify your post office, as well as the appropriate government and business bodies regarding your change of residence before the actual move.

Additionally, check with the previous owners about their end of the bargain in question – you don’t want to have someone else’s mail forwarded to you and you definitely want to avoid paying for someone else’s bills.

baby crying due to relocation of house

Handle the utilities

Electricity and the Internet are not something everyone can live without in this day and age and even a temporary setback here can lead to huge problems. Start by checking with your old providers, especially if you’re moving across the country. For example, the USA is a vast country and you might need to change your providers altogether. If you don’t handle this in time, you’re risking being disconnected for as much as an entire week. If you can’t live without electricity and the Internet this long, do your research and choose a new provider before moving.

Clean and declutter

Having to live in a dirty, cluttered home after moving in is not only annoying, but also unhealthy and difficult to handle with your entire family around. Don’t think for a second that you won’t have to deal with cleaning even though realtors are very good at what they do – they know how to make the messiest home in the world look clean and well-arranged. You’ll need to check your new home for mold, pest infestations, hidden health hazards and a lot of clutter.

In order to make sure that everything is completely clean and clutter-free, you can always contact the pros for help. Even if you’re moving from Perth to Sydney, for example, you can look for companies that specialise in professional rubbish removal in Sydney before you actually move and make all the arrangements quickly and easily. Experts will remove the clutter and rubbish appropriately, leaving your home spotlessly clean.

electricity at home too expensive

Be careful with the plumbing

It goes without saying that doing thorough checks regarding your future home’s plumbing is vital during an open house event. In case you’re absolutely fine with fixing up a couple of plumbing issues here and there, it’s of the utmost importance that you do this before you actually move in. Should any major leaks happen once you’ve already moved in, not only will you end up having to invest a ton of money in the repairs, but you’ll likely experience furniture, wall, floor and ceiling damage. Therefore, you should hire a professional and deal with the potential problem before it has a chance to arise in the first place.

From notifying all the proper channels and handling electricity, the Internet and plumbing to decluttering and jotting down all the relevant emergency numbers, every single item on this list is vastly important for a smooth transition to your brand new home.

plumber in front of a toilet

About Author:

Will Sandford is a Sydney based wood architect, blogger and contributor on interior design and ecology blogs. Besides that, he is also interested in home improvement combined with green technology. In his spare time, Will enjoys surfing and rock climbing. Connect with him on Twitter.

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Remodeling an old house on a budget

After I purchased my first house, I had only 20,000 USD in my pocket. I recalled my house was in a messy state. The paint was falling off the wall, water closet was leaking and there was mold near to the bathroom where the previous older hanged her clothes. The garden was unkept i.e weeds were everywhere. Therefore, remodeling an old house on a budget requires stringent planning and preparation.

With my limited budget  of 20,000 USD at that time, I need to be creative to keep the project on a budget. However, of course you could get a lump sum service from the professionals to remodel your home and you’d know that the job is going to be done properly. Unfortunately, it is also likely to be messy and very noisy. This is why it is important to prepare properly for your remodeling.

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So here are my first tips to ensure you are prepped for remodeling, whether a diy project or a professional help.

backyard makeover before and after
Beautiful backyard makeover before and after


This may seem like a silly step to mention but it is actually crucial. There can be a big gap between what you would like to achieve when you remodel and what is actually possible. This is so true when you want to remodel on the cheap! You will avoid the costly mistake I made in late 2000s when I had already ordered a large pile of building material before I obtained the permit from the local mayor. As such, this research step before your renovation project is important!

bathroom renovations before and after
This is my bathroom renovations before and after image. Cool feeling, no?

Pick A Professional

It is unlikely that you will want to complete the remodeling project yourself. This means that you need to find a professional firm, like fullspecaustralia.com.au (if you are living in Australia) to assist you. Choose your renovation company by talking to family and friends; you should also take a look at the reviews on their site and social media. This will ensure you have a professional who can complete the job for you on time.

When I bought my first ever house, I had to do a whole house remodel due to its bad state. In order to keep the cost low, I had to do the project mostly on a diy style. Instead of asking a single contractor to do everything, I had to engage different contractor and the good news is that for some works, I had asked my friend whom I paid for the labor. This has helped to keep the project goes on with a slight increased of my initial budget of 20k.

home renovation on the cheap


You probably need to consider how much you can afford to spend on your remodeling project. The more rooms you are doing the bigger the budget! It is important to set aside a little extra when doing your budget; this will help you to be ready for any unexpected expenditure. It is highly likely that there will be some. You can even use your budget as a bargaining tool; a contractor will know that you have a finite amount to spend and can tailor their work and the project to meet the budget.


Living Arrangements

As mentioned, remodeling can be extremely dusty and dirty work. You’ll need to consider all the members of your family and how they will cope with the disruption.You can opt to stay in your home, take a vacation or simply stay with relatives. There is no right or wrong answer at this stage; you simply need to do what is best for you.

This was not necessary my case as I was living in a rental apartment while I remodel the old house I bought. If this is not possible, of course, you would want to redo part of your home step by step instead of all at one go.

before and after garden makeover photos
before and after garden makeover photos

Move / Protect Furniture

Finally it is important that you move furniture out of the space where re-modeling is going on. This will save it from being damaged or in the way while the professionals do their job.

If it is not possible to move the furniture then you’ll need to cover it all with good quality dust sheets. You can also talk to the remodeling firm regarding the best place to put the furniture in each room they’re doing.

Depending on the state of the rest of your home you may also want to protect your carpets or windows, etc.

Once you have chosen a firm to remodel; you need to make sure you are updated at every step of the way. This will help to ensure you don’t run over budget or time.

old house renovation before and after
This is a very old house renovation before and after photo. what do you think is the best method to remodel an old home on a budget?

Final Thought

Redoing an old house on a budget requires proper planning and creativity. Planning here means you need to know what is feasible and what is your budget. Creativity refers to do part of the renovation by yourself or consult your contractor friends instead of outsourcing all the work to a single Contractor. And finally, take your time and no need to rush to get all the work done all at once.

toilet renovation before and after
toilet renovation before and after



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4 options to filter clean water at home (The Indonesian Way)

No matter how good your local water board is, it is impossible to guarantee that the water arriving at your tap will be as clean as when it left the treatment works. This is especially true in the place where I currently live. The fact is that water can pick up debris and bacteria while traveling through the pipes to your resident. This is not the only issue you face. The chemicals used to treat the water can actually cause harm to your health. The solution is to use a water filtering system. This will remove chemicals, debris and bacteria ensuring the water you drink is safe. And that is exactly what I do to my villa here in Bali.

whole house water filtering

Understanding The Filter Options

There are several different options to consider when deciding on the waste water filtering system for your home. It is essential to understand the different options on offer to decide which suits you best. It is also important to contact a good local supplier like Filtap (if you live in Australia) to ensure you get the best possible deal on your chosen filtration system.

1- In Pipe filtering system

These are one of the best solutions for cost and convenience.  An in-pipe filtering system is used fitted under your sink on a branch of your main supply. It then supplies one specific tap with filtered water. Simply use this tap for drinking water and washing your fruit and vegetables. It shouldn’t be an issue to use the unfiltered water on the rest of your home.

The great thing about this drinking water filter system is that it is comparatively cheap to install. And of course, it is very easy to use and the filters don’t need to be changed very often.

whole house in pipe filtering system


An alternative is to use a pitcher with an inbuilt filter system. The filter will probably be carbon, which is the most effective and the one used in both the other systems.This is effective but not very convenient. You’ll need to keep your pitcher topped up so that you have water when you need it. It can also take a few minutes for the water to flow through the filter. On the other hand, it is an economical way to have a safe drinking at home in Indonesia.

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3-Whole House

Another option is to have the filtering system fitted to your mains supply. This means that all the water in your house will be treated and safe to drink. This is a good idea if you are worried about the effects of chlorine and other chemicals on your skin. However, it is important to note that this is more expensive and complex to fit. The filter will also need changing more regularly as you are putting much more water through it.

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Reverse Osmosis System under sink water filter
This is the under sink water filter using the reverse osmosi system. You can DIY but first you need to buy the starter kits – see below for the link to buy one.

4-Reverse Osmosis

You may have heard of this type of water filtering system. It is the process of heating water until it is boiled. As the steam cools and condenses it is collected; this is probably the purest water you can get. However, this is not a common system as it is expensive to buy and run. There is also a concern that it leaves the water acidic which can have a detrimental effect on your health in the long term.

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Final thought

Whichever approach you choose to adopt, providing you use a reputable service you can be confident that the water you are drinking is clean and safe. Peace of mind is the biggest benefit of any water filtration system.

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6 best wall mounted wine rack you can install instantly

Do you love wine? Then, you will need to read this post as I show you the best five wall mounted wine rack you can install right now. Similar to the wall mounted key holder, where you can immediately impress your guest, these wine racks when properly installed will add another level of beauty to your home. While I am not a big red wine lover, my dad is. I remember when he visited me last year, he went to the local furniture store here in Bali where he ordered a custom made rack for his wine collection back home (Remember to see the wine storage ideas here too). You see, even at 67 years old, he still loves to decor his home. Oh yes, my dad is a big believer in Fengshui, just so you know.

wall mounted wine rack you can install instantly

1- Rustic wall mounted wine rack

This rustic and also unique wall-mounted wine rack will certainly impress your guest in addition to its ability to hold your preferred wine for the dinner.  This easy diy wooden wine racks consists of 4 wood slats which you can mount to the wall. Already inserted into the wooden slates are the metal wine holders that allow you to place the wine bottle upside down.


wine wall rack install installation
This is a terrific accessory for your dining room. You can DIY after making a direct purchase from Amazon . This wood wine rack kits cost at just 37.54USD as seen on Amazon.
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2- Wall Mounted Wood Wine Storage Holders

This is a newly release wine rack kits by Rustic State. This liquor bottle storage holders is a two in one system: wine bottle holders and stemware racks. This modern wine rack is very easy to install i.e. it is not very heavy nor requires lot of time to assemble. In other words, you do not need to be a handyman to be able to put this rack together. Mount it on your unused wall space with the screws and anchors included in the packaging without hassle and frustration. You can instantly install this wine furniture in no time. At just 49.99 on amazon, you dont need to waste time to go to Walmart or Target for instance.

rustic wooden wine rack with Stemware Racks Organizer Walnut Stained

3- Napa Valley Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack

These reclaimed wood wall mounted wine rack is made from the wine barrel in Napa Valley wineries. a Rustic Wine Rack made from Napa Valley (California) Reclaimed Wine Barrels.The company who made these reclaimed wood rack take great care in producing them by keeping the distressed, rustic chic, primitive look as much as possible.

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Each unit can easily accommodate from 8 to 10 wine bottles and 6 wine glasses depending on style and size. A 4 1/2 – 7 inches wide(at the curve) x 16-17 inches high x 32-34 inches long Inside dimensions 3 – 3 1/2 inches on the ends to 5 1/2 inches at the height of the curve. Since the product is made from reclaimed hard wood, it is for sale online at around 269 USD at the moment.


Napa Valley Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack
This reclaimed wood wine glass rack is on sale on Amazon. You can buy the ready kits for an instant installation.

4- Rustic Farmhouse Metal and Wood Wine Rack

This small wine rack kits consists of metal and wooden component. It comes in the package and you only need to fit them to the wall. It is not hard at all to install this wine rack cabinet, trust me.

Rustic Farmhouse wall mounted wine rack by Twine holding 4 bottles

This farmhouse wine rack is made from rustic metal and wood. It can be mounted in either vertical or horizon direction. It can hold up to 4 bottles.

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5-Hanging wine glass rack with Cork Holder

These metal wine racks hold up to 4 champagne bottles, up to 130 corks and 4 large wine glasses. It comes with screws and anchors to mount on your wall by yourself right out of the box. In other words, you can instantly install this type of metal wine rack. Do not like after your purchase? No problem, you can get money back when you buy this wine rack from amazon.

Wine Rack Wall Mounted Hanging Wine Cork Holder Holds 4 Bottles and 4 Wine Glasses

6- metal wine rack with 6 Cork Wine Charms

Similar to the product in item number 5, this metal wine rack can hold up to 4 wine glasses and many cork. The main different from the above wine holder is that it comes with 6 cork wine charms which you can you to separate the different glasses of your guests. It is very easy to install and  you wont hurt your back, I promise. After all, it costs just 47.97USD through online shop!.

Check out discounted price Here

metal wine rack with 6 Cork Wine Charms
Very beautiful and functional wine rack with corkscrews holder and four wine glasses. Oh and it comes with 6 corks charms, if this makes any difference for your buying decision.

Video instruction on wine rack mounting DIY

still having difficulty in installing these wine racks yourself, check this DIY video for the guide.

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5 practical options to find out how much your antiques are worth

If you think you have an antique in your home then you’re going to need to know what they are worth. It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking of selling or not, a genuine antique needs to be valued to ensure that you have the right level of insurance. Sometime you may also hear the word vintage. So what is antique and what is the main difference between vintage and antique?

5 ways antiquevaluation

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Antique definition

According to MentalFloss, Antique is defined as items that are over 100 years old. Anything that is less than 100 years, it may be called vintage , but not antique. In the same article, antique can be further described as

“works of art (except rugs and carpets made after the year 1700), collections in illustration of the progress of the arts, works in bronze, marble, terra cotta, parian, pottery or porcelain, artistic antiquities and objects of ornamental character or educational value which shall have been produced prior to the year 1830.”

The rule of thumb of 100 years or older is there to support the claim that antique products are not taxed. Therefore, the 100-year standard was adopted to keep people from claiming things as antiques that actually weren’t.

antique cooking utensil

Do you need a professional appraisal for your antique?

The short answer is: Yes! It helps to obtain professional advice for your antique if you are serious about your antique. Having said that, it is important that you do your own study before you pass it on to the real appraisal company. It will save you headache, time and money in the long run.

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But first, you need to make sure your antique item is in the best possible condition. Businesses like Glen Sheldon offer a French polishing service that will make your furniture look like when it was first made. You can then speak to a professional appraiser and either visit them or have them visit you. It is important to choose a professional that has a good reputation.

antique store for sale near me

Now back to the self study, below are some pointers and options to do a self assessment of your antiques value:

1- Try Google for Answer

The concern when using a professional appraiser is that they will simply give you what you think it is worth. They can then sell it on for much more. At the end of the day they are in business to make money. Instead you should use Google to see if you can find an evaluation. You will need to know what type of antique you have. In fact the more details you have the easier it will be for you to find something similar online and locate a value for your item. For instance, if you google the term “Circa 1905 Armand Marseille 390 dolls“, you will see many results, one of which is from homelilys.com and ebay.com for instance.

Antique Regency Rosewood Chaise Longue 1825

2- Free online antique appraisal tool

An alternative is to use one of the online valuation services. You will need to upload a picture of your item and as many details you have regarding it. Once again, google is your best friend. And just for the sake of simplicity, here is one of the free valuation tool I found: Gorringe’s or Theodore Bruce (Australian’s site).

The service then provides a report within 48 hours that gives you the history of your item and the current valuation.

antique vase for sale

3- Facebook Antique Group

I personally use this a lot for my vintage products. I usually obtain a quick and professional feedback from those who own similar items. Sometime though, it can be quite challenging to obtain an unbiased comment from another owner of the antiques. Simply because, not all of them are professional by career. But their invaluable comment is a good information for me to pursue further research on the items.

One of such active antique facebook group I recommend is: Talking Antique or if you speak Russian, try this: antikvarbuk .

4- The Auction House

If you are considering selling your antiques then it is worth taking them to a local auction house. You will be able to see the prices similar items have sold for in the past and speak to their professionals in order to get the right figure for your antique.

You will then be able to set a reserve and watch what happens at the auction. By the way, this LinkedIn article has a good introduction to the top Auction Houses in the world.

antique wooden sign board

5- The Library

It may seem like an old fashioned idea but the library can provide a huge amount of information regarding the authenticity of your antique and the condition it should be in. In this case, the first step is to at least know the name of your antique. With the name, you can then research it more quickly. Nowadays, with Google Image, you can easily find out the name of a product very easily. Simply upload the image into Google Image and click search.

how to search by google image


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If your research leaves you conflicted on the real value of the item then you may need to see an appraisal specialist. Of course this is likely to cost in the region of $300; you’ll need to consider whether this amount is worth spending or not.

Conclusion Thought on Antique Values Appraisals

If you think you have either a vintage product or antique items in your house, do not wait! Go online, or Facebook group and ask for its worth. Although you might not want to sell them yet, you should still keep an idea of their worth. That way, you are sure to take proper care of these valuable antiques. And last piece of advice, if you do decide to go for professional appraiser, make sure your antique furniture or items are in good conditions i.e. remember to clean and polish them!

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14 cheap decorating ideas for your first apartment you need to see

The mere perception that some things cannot be done due to restrictions is entirely wrong. As a matter of fact, constraints pave a path to creativity. The same can be said about decorating your first apartment. If someone wants a captivating apartment décor, there has to be no excuse for low budget – it is as simple as that!

Do you want a sound looking décor without spending a lot on it? Have a limited budget for your first apartment? For many, the mere idea of designing the flat without spending a lot of money might seem like impossible, but it is conceivable only if you get creative.

Over the years, interior designers have been kind enough to share some really impressive hacks and secrets. These valuable insights have empowered people to design their home and flat in such a way that it looks utterly elegant and pleasing to the eyes and that too without emptying their bank balance. From fresh paint on windows to adding pillows, there are so many simple, applicable, and effective solutions that you need to know about.

So, without a further ado, here are 14 basic chunk of ideas for frugal person living in a tiny apartment:

Budget Before You Start

You have to comprehend the fact that decorating a home without any planning can lead to unwanted expenses. If you have a tight budget, planning is a necessity for you. Even though you can get all the information from the internet, doing a little legwork can also assist you in accomplishing the desired décor within your budget.

First of all, make sure that you pinpoint your design inspiration. You can use the internet (like homelilys pinterest board) or magazines to find the design that matches with your personality. Once you have finalized the design to emulate, the next step comprises of browsing different online stores. And hey, don’t forget about your budget.  All you have to do is to set a predefined budget aside and start your quest.

crown mold in a tinz apartment

Think of the Layout

When it comes to optimizing each room’s environment and flow, the layout matters the most. You can do that by designing the spaces in a manner that a more spacious feeling is achieved. It doesn’t matter if the spaces are small – You can move things here and there to make the room appear larger than it is. The best option for you is to find a good focal point of the room. Once you find one, make sure that you arrange the seating of the room around that focal point. This best works for living rooms because the arrangement highlights the focal point and makes the room appear more expansive.

small studio apartment layout ideas
small studio apartment layout ideas

Crown Molding in Living Room

Making your small apartment look elegant depends a lot on how much attention you give to details. According to experts, details matter the most because they differentiate between a good looking and a cheap looking interior design. Crown Molding can really help people who have a limited budget for home décor. The reason behind it is that crown molding makes a room look complete in a quite effortless manner. What it does so better is that it brings the walls and ceiling together to create a synchronizing touch to the place. In other words, crown molding provides a much-needed finishing touch to a place – something that is mostly neglected by flatowners.

Crown Molding is quite inexpensive for almost any budget (especially if you go with the options of paintable, plastic versions). You can choose from various widths and if you have a desire to create a stronger and lively impression, go with the option of widest trim (make sure that your budget permits you to spend on widest trim). On top of all this, if you think that your budget allows you to spend a bit extra, try mixing different types of molding such as high baseboard, ceiling medallions, crown, ceiling beams, columns, chair rails, etc.

crown molding in living room done perfectlz

Go With A Bold Paint

The decision of choosing the best color paint matters a lot when you are decorating a home. However, if you are one of those people who want an elegant look, you can choose from certain colors that are known for adding a glamorous look to your home. You can ask for color options that deliver the soft, dramatic or bold look and most importantly, don’t forget about hues. There are hues that can really add instant classiness to your home. Just make sure that you choose a color that complements your personality.

Another great idea for you is to paint the interior doors black. Even though it won’t cost you much, it will definitely create an expensive feeling. However, if you go with the option of painting the interior doors black, try to add few accessories of black color to complement the overall design.

paint interior door black
source: paint the interior door black for budget decorating ideas

Be Creative

Some people make the mistake of spending their entire budget on new accessories. You can go with the option of using what you already have. This means that you do not need to throw away items that are old – simply repaint or polish them. You can also use paint cans (they are quite inexpensive). You can even portray your artistic personality by mixing different colors. In short, be creative and let your imaginations do the work for you. Make it fun and intuitive.

decoring small apartment with wallpaper

Go with Repurposing

A change can be exciting (even changing a mobile cover gives a new lively look to your cell phone). It might sound less exciting because buying new items for the home brings a pleasant change, but you can make the best out of old items as well. Let be any component the interior design of your home, you can transform it and make it more appealing. All you have to do is look for things that you are currently using. Ask yourself whether you really need new kitchen cabinets or not. It is because there is always a possibility of having them refaced. You can also transform the look of your old bathroom by repainting it.

There are various DIY guides on the internet that can really help you in re-purposing. You can start new projects from elements that you are already using. Just keep in mind that nothing is useless or old if you know how to repurpose it.

how to repurpose old items for apartment decor on budget

Abstract Painting on the Wall

This tip is specifically for those people who are looking for an apartment decorating ideas that depicts “well-spent money”. A huge abstract painting with bold colors looks amazing on the wall. Instead of spending a lot of money on abstracts, it is best to sketch your own canvas. It will save you some money and you’ll have a unique abstract without putting any burden on your wallet. If you further want to cut the money out of it then simply look on the internet for various alternate-to-framing designs and ideas. On top of all this, you can go to the local hardware store and get yourself a paint chip art. Needless to say, you can add more style to apartment décor by having some abstract art.

abstract apartment decorating ideas with industrial look

Go Green

There is no denying that plants in the house elevate the environment and give a refreshing feeling. Big plants can cost you a lot and that is why it is recommended to go with small plants. They’ll cost you less and they create a great impression as well. You can also grow plants to reduce the cost. All in all, get small plants and hang them at different heights to make the display more attractive.

indoor plant for tiny apartment decor on budget

Give Importance to Lighting

Normally, standard lighting fixtures are used all over the world and most people never really try designer light fixtures. You’ll be surprised to know that designer light fixtures are not that expensive if you look for them at the right place. Instead of buying a chandelier to add more grace, try opting for different light sources such as floor lamps, table lamps etc.

The best option for you is to begin your quest for designer light fixtures at second-hand stores or flea markets. Some lighting fixtures may look rusty or old, but a little polishing or a new paint job can make them look expensive.

floor lamp for decorating a studio apartment on budget

Must-Have Window Treatments

According to interior designers, windows play a pivotal role in enhancing the appearance and environment of your flat. Give extra importance to the windows. When it comes to window treatments, they are quite inexpensive for people with a tight budget.

It goes without saying that window treatments require some smart decisions to make. This means you’ll have to ensure that you don’t buy unlined flimsy material. It is best to go with the lined draperies that are less expensive and are elegant looking as well. You can choose from various materials such as cotton, linen, or natural silk (if it is out of your budget then you can go for made-made fabric or polyester). If you want to give a unique look to your house then opting for wood blinds or bamboo shades is not a bad option at all.

cheap Window Treatments for tight budget people

Get Pillows, Lots of Pillows

There are two main purposes of pillows- they provide comfort and class. Your decision of getting pillows will serve your quite well because they not only look extra comfy but they also give a different look to your home. You can go with small or even overstuffed pillows – whatever fits your requirements. Make sure that you get those pillows for your living room that can provide a much-needed balance.

lots of pillows as a decorating ideas for frugal people

Hang Items on the Wall

This is one of the most inexpensive ways to improve the home décor. When it comes to walls, you can hang almost anything (even clothes). You can hang plates of different colors because they can create a good impression on the onlookers. Experiment with the plates or almost anything that you can hang on the wall.

plate hanging on the wall as an interior decor on budget
plate hanging on the wall as an interior decor on budget

Go for Second Hand Shopping

You have no idea how many good-looking items you can find at a local thrift store. Whether it a sofa or a rusted mirror, you can make it usable by simply improving its appearance. While you are out there shopping at local thrift stores or flea markets, get a different lamp shade that can complement the interior design of your home. Second-hand shops have so many items that can be made useable by simple polish or a new paint job.

why you should buy second hand item instead

Hire a Novice/student Designer

This is the last tip that can serve you quite well if you do not want to go with your personal style. Even if you have an idea for your interior design and do not know how to implement it, you can hire a student designer for this job. He/she won’t charge you much because it is a win-win situation for everyone. Plus, student designers are mostly looking to gain experience and that gives you a perfect opportunity to get the work done by someone who knows about interior designing. Simply share your sense of style with the designer and be as communicative as you can. It is best to conduct interviews with designers before signing the contract. It will cost you a bit more but not too much. However, the end result would be amazing.

hire student designer if you want cheap apartment decor

The Bottom Line

Inarguably, completing a decorating project on a tight budget can be a tough ask for some people, but it is totally possible if you are committed to the project. Needless to say, all it requires is your effort, time, and of course dedication. Don’t think of home décor as a boring or a tedious task that you have complete one way or another; instead, think of it as a fun way you can make your home look more pleasant and gorgeous. At the end of the day, all that matters is how much you are happy with the home décor. Take it easy, don’t rush it, and make it fun by listening to your favorite music.






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8 cheap outdoor party lighting ideas you need to know

This week, many countries in Southeast Asia celebrate their new year. Just like the Christian celebrating Christmas and the Hindu celebrating deepavali. During this period, they tidy their homes and put up some lighting to welcome the new year. For those who enjoy living in private homes, they would normally light up their backyard with string light while those who live in the apartment or condo, they may light up their veranda.People would then gather together in a small village’s back year and party throughout the evening. Through this inspiration, let’s explore the cheap outdoor party lighting ideas you can implement right now.

1- Awesome string light around fire pit

In case your house has a fire pit at your backyard, consider putting up the string light around the pit area. Light them up and remember to add the cozy chairs around it. To finish the touch, remember to bring along some mash mellow 🙂

outdoor fire pit with string light for party
Via: awesome outdoor fire pit with string light. Amazing stuff for the party evening for large house.

Buy these outdoor party lights here


2- Outdoor string light under a tree

You have a tree at your backyard? How about lighting them up and put up a seating area with table. It is ideal for small party as some of you could sit down for a chit chat under the light up tree.
The photo below was taken from New York Time in 2013 where it showcases a home of a couple where it was designed to look like an exclusive nightclub.

backyard string light for party goer
Via: awesome outdoor fire pit with string light. Amazing stuff for the party evening for large house.

Get these outdoor string lights NOW


3- Battery Powered String Light in a bottle

If you’re a big fan of a simple party, considering getting one of these battery powered string light in a bottle. with a dozen of these, you can in fact light them up and place them on the table. Alternatively you can place them to serve as the pathway leading to your party area.

outdoor table party light
Learn to make homemade outdoor lighting by using the material you already have at home such as wine bottle or mason jar. And of course, you would need simple light string like in this photo.

Cheapest battery powered light for bottle


4- Pathway Lighting for Party

Sometime, it is good idea to put some effort into the peaceful party. Look at this diy fire pit and evening lighting idea, you will see how one can transform a dull backyard to an interesting evening getaway. If you are planning the party, why not adding two wireless speakers to each sides of the fire pit. Likewise, to make the evening more pleasant, remember to install the LED path lighting to illuminate the way. Oh yes, if you live in an area that is infested by mosquito, how about adding some citronella torch to repel those bad ass mosquito that could destroy your party evening.

party outdoor lighting concept
via: diy fire pit with curvy pathway and string light.

Where to buy these pathway light cheap: http://cheapestoutdoorlighting.com

5- Backyard lighting on the wall

Do you have a house that is enclosed with the wall, why not adding some lighting on top of these wall just like the photo below:

backyard lighting on the wall

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6- Rustic Hanging Mason Jar Candle Holders

For the classic look, hanging these mason jar candle holders onto the tree. These Mason jar remind me of my childhood memory. During the Halloween season my mom would light up the candles and place them into these jars. They look amazing! That is why for the evening subtle party, consider placing these mason jar candle holders – see below for the idea:

mason jar candle lighting on the tree
via: simple diy candle jar to be hang underneath the tree

For an added decorated mason jar, try this DIY to add a festive season effect. Or try this if you want to make a interior mason jar lighting instead.

7- outdoor lighting under a kiosk

This is for those who has an outdoor structure where one can sit or enjoy the evening. Just see the photo below for the idea.

evening party string and path lighting

8- outdoor pathway lighting with rope light

Rope light or also known as tube light is an amazing lighting for an outdoor project. They are amazing for three reasons: weather resistant, energy efficiency and incredibly easy to install. Just take a look at this DIY project to get an idea yourself.

Rope Light Walkway

Final thought

I count myself lucky to have a backyard. I usually light up during the Christmas every year. However, this year, I definitely want to decor more beautifully using one of these cheap method. And well, in case you have a bigger event, perhaps try to rent the party lighting from the specialist instead.

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19th century lombernyj table from Russia for Sale

As you probably know, I like to browse through various facebook group. For example, three months a go, I manage to unearth this german doll which was shared in one of my favourite vintage group. Earlier this morning, when I tried to go through various facebook group invite, I chanced upon a lombernyj table for sale by Elena Sedova. I fell in love with it immediately and decide to share my finding here. It would be an ideal fit for any classic home.

This Russian style table is made from solid wood. Below is the completed description of this

Oak lombernyj table. Based on the 19th century Russian antique furniture
P. 15,000-G. Available at Kineshma, Ivanovo region. This is a strong table made in russian style. It has never been restored and hence you get the original sense of this soviet style table. Size: 93 cm by 78 cm by 46 cm. The seller can deliver to Moscow.

antique russian online furniture store

Russian antique furniture for sale

While you could buy the above antique table from the Facebook group here, there are time when you want to find other discounted furniture such as chair or salon to go along with. And that is the reason why, I would recommend to source them through ebay instead – click the link below for more Russian furniture design for sale at a deep discounted price.

Photo of 19th century Russian classic table

Without further a do, please enjoy the detailed photos of this soviet table.

detailed wooden table from Russia
a very detailed and curvy art vintage russian style. You can also check this wooden chest if you like antique style furniture.
inside of Lomberny table
I could not believe that this 19th century russian style desk has an interior drawer! It add another layer of functionality. Look to buy vintage file cabinet? click here.
19th century russian table for sale
A classical russian desk for sale. A view from the front among other furniture.

Russian style 19th century table for sale lombernyj table from Russia view from side lombernyj table from Russia detailed view from front

Final thought

If you are a big fan of antique style furniture, one place to buy the is the thrift store or sky market where you can get a lot of better deal for less.

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7 awesome Ways to Enhances Productivity at work you need to know

Singapore is not very far from Indonesia. I went to Singapore from time to time to chill out as I appreciate the clean air and large shopping center. Besides, there is an ikea shop located in the east side of the Country. While I do not really purchase directly from Ikea (instead, I usually buy cheap office chairs in Singapore via many online store), I like visiting it for inspiration. Besides the home decoration, I also like to explore office design and office productivity tips. This is because the general state of our office workspace will also influence the  personal productivity at work. Working in a messy and cluttered situation in most of the times creates negative energy. It also disturbs the concentration at work.On the other hand, a good uncluttered workspace enhance your productivity at work. You see, most of the day, you work on a computer. Therefore, your workstation should motivate you to stay productive. An office workspace, which is highly organized provides excellent benefits. For that reason, today I am bringing to you the seven strategies to enhance productivity in the workplace.

einstein famous quote for cluttered desk
“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” famous motivational poster quotes by Albert Einstein

1. Empty Your Office from Clutter

Every important change initiates with an expulsion. Shred, empty, get rid of all the things which are not important for your productivity. You can declutter your workspace also. You also require to acquired some inspiration from various websites, Pinterest, magazines to creates the type of work space which you want to make. At a time, keep your entire focus on one area. Remove the non-essential files and the furniture from the office. Also, classify various items in various categories according to their uses. Purge your office will assist in analyzing the various items clearly, which you require to toss or retain. You need to perform this step if you want to know how to organize a messy office.

organizing an office for a small space
via: Small space Organizing with an office in a closet. This is an inspiration to declutter your office at home.

2. Arrange Labels and Colors

Select a correct color and labeling system for your office. Take some time from your busy schedule to label drawers, bins, folders and shelves. This labeling method assists you in placing items in the correct place. It will also decrease the risk of misplacing various important documents.

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3. Efficiently Utilize Containers & Storage Boxes

Storage boxes are very important for everyone (see this tip for better kitchen storage ideas for instance). You can carry almost everything in containers to assist you in stay in a systematic manner. Cardboard boxes and plastic containers are useful for the cost-effective storage. For your office space invest in the durable boxes. By labeling and grouping your office items, you will get a better idea regarding placing them in the correct segments. You can also systematically organize various items. Also remember the stationery boxes, which are used for carrying your office supplies in arranged compartments.

home office storage ideas
one of the how to organize your home office tips is to use storage for folders and files like in this photo of an home office.

4. Properly Divide Your Work Zones

If you divide the work zones in a proper way, then you might find a solution for your issues. Most of the times our work needs various tools and spaces to assist trigger a good output. You need to systematically divide your work zones into a non-computer based work space and the computer work station. In few cases, you might require to stay aside from the work based on the computer.
It also assists you in removing the distractions. It might contains scanning documents, papers signing, writing to put your thoughts together and writing on paper etc. if you have only one desk, then it can also use your work area to receive the best output you want.


5. Rightly Arrange the Accessories in the Desk

The best method to stay productive is by organizing your desk systematically. You can arrange everything such as trays, files, laptop, and stationery. You can also use few of your storage and plastic organizers. For arranging your pens, you don’t require the costly stationery tray. Use small and big storage boxes as per your use. It also enhances your workspace beauty.

before and after decluttering of an office space
This is the before and after of how to organize my office at work

6. Arrange Your Desktop/Laptop

The content on your laptop or desktop computer also have an impact on your life and work output. Arrange and declutter your laptop or desktop computer by removing those software, pictures and folders which you don’t require. Arrange your work into various folders and make use of calendars and the sticky notes. These work efficiency tips will assist you in staying productive at work.

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7. Get Inspirational Indications

To motivate yourself at work, use inspirational reminders at work. For example, you can think about placing posters to an inspirational area or wall. It will remind yourself about your dreams and goals. Perhaps consider buying these inspirational quotes posters from amazon and place in on your office wall would help. Well, as we are working in a team, it is a good ideas to put up the teamwork posters for office as well.


team work - motivational posters amazon
“Tough times dont last Tough Teams Do” this is an example of motivational posters amazon that you can buy online. Click here to buy now.
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Final Thought

I’d like to conclude by saying that in addition to the above awesome tips to increase the office productivity, nothing beat the healthy lifestyle. Therefore, exercise regularly, eat balanced and nutritious diet. Perform meditation and think positively. All these things will enhance your productive during the work. During the office time, focus only on your work. Don’t waster your time in office politics. Good luck!


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