Which cladding is awesome for your australian home?

Choosing the right wall cladding is extremely important. Not only is it the finishing touch to the overall design of your home, but it also serves to protect the house from the elements as well as enhance its energy-saving quality. With this in mind, we’ve singled out some of the most popular wall cladding options for you to take a look at and discover which one suits you the best. Good luck with the project!

Wood cladding

Wood cladding is one of the most popular options today. Many world-famous home designers find its retro feel to be absolutely fabulous and see it as a perfect contrast to predominantly contemporary house designs. Additionally, this kind of cladding is always the first choice for environmentally conscious individuals because it leaves a very low carbon footprint. On top of that, cedar cladding has shown to be an extremely effective insulator so it will definitely help you save a lot on your electricity bills. Moreover, there are a lot of different types of wood that you can choose from, so it’s impossible not to find the right shade and pattern that will suit your taste the best. However, when it comes to its downsides, one must know that wood cladding can be really high-maintenance and it requires regular painting.

australian wall cladding design

Metal cladding

Another great choice would definitely be metal cladding. The best thing is that it comes in many different nuances and textures, so one has a lot of space to experiment with different styles and come up with something completely unique. Even though it is usually used for office buildings, metal cladding can look equally amazing on residential properties as well and add an industrial quality to them. Additionally, you may choose between different metals, but composite aluminium panels are definitely one of the best solutions. Not only are they super easy to install, but they are extremely low-maintenance so you won’t need to worry about having to spend a fortune in order to keep them in good shape.

Stone wall cladding

Stone wall cladding is an equally popular choice for both interiors and exteriors of Australian homes. Some of the main reasons for this are its durability and the variety of designs. No matter whether you opt for dry stone or stack stones, you’ll definitely enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house and add a classic touch to its look. Moreover, stone cladding will bring a natural element to your house and help you turn it into your own haven for relaxation. Furthermore, if you’re in the process of house construction right now or you’re thinking about acquiring your own place of living, make sure to look into the amazing project homes in Sydney and hire professionals who will help you make the right decisions and build your dream home in no time.

wall cladding in Australia

Brick cladding

Like stones, bricks come in different sizes, shapes, colours and designs, which is one of the reasons why so many people like to incorporate them into their home design. They are particularly great if you prefer a more traditional look and rustic style. However, keep in mind that bricks are a bit high-maintenance, especially if you live in a part of the world which is often hit by earthquakes and exposed to harsh elements. So, even though they are not expensive and can be easily installed, you need to be aware of all the work that they will require over time. After all, it’s better to skip the cladding completely than to let it look all run-down and shabby.

Mixed cladding

Last but not least, if you like a few different types of cladding so much that you simply can’t make up your mind, you should just relax and create your own mixture. For instance, you can use this cladding to mark different sections of your home. So, if you opt for a brighter wooden cladding for the ground floor, you can consider switching to a darker nuance on your upper floor or installing bricks instead. Additionally, you should remember that you’re the one in charge, so don’t shy away from thinking outside the box and experimenting with some unusual design ideas. After all, it’s essential that you add your personal touch and really love the final product of the construction works.

beautiful rich house in australia

As you can see, there are so many fantastic cladding options and all of them can significantly improve the appeal of your home. You just need to conduct thorough research and try to figure out which one is the best for your house. Lastly, don’t hesitate to contact experienced professionals for help as well since they have a lot of experience and will be able to give you great advice.


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What to consider before buying land in Australia

There are many reasons why you may wish to buy a piece of land although some of the most common are to build your own home or create properties for resale. This can be a lucrative business but it is important to develop the right strategy to purchase the land and be aware of all the risks involved.

The Risks

The biggest risk is in purchasing a piece of land that you can’t build on or will cost you a lot more than you think. This is not land that doesn’t have permission to be built on. It is land that has utilities and sewerage running underneath it. Before you commit to any plot you should have a survey completed with ground penetrating radar. This will highlight any utilities running under the ground which may cause you issues when you build. It can even show the unexpected surprise of a rock substrate. This will seriously affect the way in which you build.

Of course you also need to be aware of what zoning classification your land has; you may not even be able to build on it. There are also risks associated with the environment; particularly any animals that live on your new piece of land. You may find you’re unable to disturb them. It is also worth considering how close you are to the min utilities. The electric and water boards can charge a significant sum getting these utilities to your property; if they are even prepared to do it.

australian land investment

Choose the Right Strategy

Assuming you’re happy that the land has potential then there are several strategies you can adopt to make the most from it:


Just like property you can buy land and then sell it on. This is only viable if you are confident that you are getting the land at below its market value.

Hold It

Another option is to purchase a piece of land in the hope that it will be worth a lot more in the future. This is likely if a town is gradually growing. You may even simply feel the land will appreciate as the years pass. Of course this strategy means you need to have spare cash; you’re not going to get a quick return on your investment.

land investment in australia


Subject to planning constraints you can purchase a piece of land and build a property or properties on it. But, instead of selling the properties on you could choose to hold onto them and rent them to people. The return on your investment is slower but potential much greater.


It is possible to purchase land simply to grow something. For example you may wish to create your own vineyard. You’ll need to make sure the land and the climate are suitable for this type of growing.
The return on your investment will be the sale of the products you grow or rear; it is possible to become a sheep, pig or cow farmer with a plot of land.


If you know how the system works you can buy land and have it re-zoned to residential; dramatically increasing its value; but this is generally a more risky prospect.

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6 must know before designing any working office

Designing a new office layout isn’t exactly a piece of cake. Lots of issues come in to the equation; like whether or not you’ll opt to refurbish your existing premises or switch to a new-build apartment office and start the design process from scratch, for instance. Also, which would your staff prefer, and clients be more impressed with?

Will your new office redesign be smart and trendy enough to attract the attention of millennial and the young tech-smart crowd to the extent they’d want to work there? And how about your existing color scheme? If you change that, then it may be time to update your logo and brand strategy too.

Why its so crucial to get an office redesign right first time is because second chances can be extremely costly – not just in materials but the disruption to your company’s work output too. So, what are the main things to consider when going away with an office redesign? Well, here’s what we would prioritize here at Opus-4.com:

opus 4 office redesign

Office Layout

Think about placement of furniture and staff in order to maximize your office space. This new office layout could provide the opportunity you’ve been looking for to embark on a restructure. Getting staff to work a couple of days a week from home and introducing hot-desking, including introducing standing desks, could mean happier workers and less physical space for you to have to invest in. Or, make the space you gain into a breakout room, conference area etc.

Company Branding

Your redesign should reflect and incorporate your company culture, visions and values – to the extent all your marketing materials, including your website are all in sync.

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Color scheme

You could also use the office redesign as an opportunity to revamp your branding, including your logo. When it comes to choosing a color scheme, think carefully. Most of us are aware that certain shades can affect our mood. Colors such as blue is a stimulating color, for instance, while green can be calming (so good for break-out areas) and bright pops of color such as orange, yellow and red are excellent for zoning.

beautiful blue office redesign

Technology for office

Now would be an excellent time to rethink your IT infrastructure in terms of moving over to cloud technology. Not only would this make the office look neater because there would be less physical computing equipment around, but it means that your staff would have an easier time of it when working from home or out on location. This too could potentially be a big space saver. While we’re on the subject, remember put plenty of power points around.


Not only will being a sustainable company impress clients – and probably most of your staff too, but you may even be able to benefit from government grants. By sustainable we mean only printing on paper when necessary, using LED lighting and solar technology where possible (meaning you could receive a financial kickback by selling energy back to the grid).

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Another’ nice’ green choice – and one which definitely benefits staff well-being – is to introduce plants into the office. Not only will this make the office look and feel better, but it should also make workers feel more relaxed.

office redesign by opus4


A refit can definitely be disruptive but there are ways to mitigate its effects. For instance you could think about rerouting calls to a mobile, overlapping the IT migration process and giving staff regular updates.

Get more help and advice on embarking on an office refit at our website www.opus-4.com. Or, get in touch on 0161 402 3340 for a free consultation from our expert team today.

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5 tips for Solo Female Homeowners

Single female homeowners are increasingly common as befits a society that promotes equality and the right for people to choose their own path in life. In fact research suggests that women are more likely to buy a home by themselves than me. Living by yourself can be a blessing; After all, you are free to come and go as you please and choose your own décor. But, there are downsides and one of these is the additional safety risk that a solo female homeowner may face.

Fortunately there are steps you can take to make your home safer and more secure:

Get The Right Locks

A professional thief will be able to get past most door locks. However, unless they have a specific reason to steal from you they will generally go for the less protected home. Get yourself some high quality locks and a deadbolt. These will help.

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You should also make sure that your front door has a peephole so that you can see who is there before you open it. A chain which limits the movement of the door is also a good idea.

solohomeowner security

Security System

If you click here you’ll see an array of options regarding CCTV and alarm systems for your home. The best ones are those that have a direct link to a monitoring station. You can also get some that allow you to push a panic button and alert the monitoring station of an ongoing issue.

If you select the right system you can even hook it into your smart home system. This could allow you to access your home before you walk in; using the integrated camera’s to verify the house is empty!

Test Your Alarms

You should also invest in a smoke alarm and one that detects carbon monoxide (if you have any form of combustible heating). These devices need to be tested on a regular basis to ensure they are working properly.

You should be aware that a cheap carbon monoxide detector will tell you when there is a high presence of the gas. The more expensive detectors will also tell you when there are low levels which could affect your health.

solo person home protection system

Know Your Neighbors

It is worth knowing who lives next to you and nearby. Not only will you know when someone strange is in the area but you’ll also have the comfort of knowing that your neighbors are keeping an eye out for you.

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A neighborhood watch scheme can be a great idea to help back this up. It is usually an effective deterrent as a thief will not know if they are being watched or not.


Don’t make it easier for thieves and attackers. Take a look at your yard and get rid of anything that would be easy for an attacker to hide in or behind. You should also consider adding some sensor light to your house; this will help you to know if there is someone outside. It can also be another deterrent.

And there you go, some ideas for solo female homeowner to protect themselves.

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5 things to consider when choosing a Front Door

Your front door is the first impression people have of your home and is usually an extension of the interior design. Whether you’re replacing your current front door, or looking for the perfect door to complete a new build, choosing this main door is an important decision that will impact the overall look of your exterior.

Although appearance is crucial, there are a number of different elements you will need to consider when choosing a front door.


The most popular materials for the main door are wood, aluminum, composite, and PVCu. The material you choose will likely be affected by the style of door you want to buy, along with security and insulation options the different materials all offer.

Solid wooden doors are always a popular choice, particularly for a classic look, but if you’re choosing a wooden front door you will need to think about the long-term costs as well as the initial expense. Wooden doors are prone to warping and will need to be inspected yearly for any signs of damage and to check if they need re-varnishing.

Low-maintenance materials like composite, PVCu, and aluminum tend to be more popular options than solid wood, meaning that there is usually a wider range of styles to choose from.

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Door Style

Depending on the overall finish of your home, the main door you choose should be in a style that will complement it. Modern builds will need modern doors, whilst older houses will look odd with these. For traditional looking homes, a classic look is more appropriate, and a solid wooden door with a dark varnish remains a popular choice.

It’s important to keep in mind that not all front entrances are the same size, and the style of doors available for you to choose from might be limited if you don’t have a standard size entrance.

Once you have decided on the material you would like your main door to be made of and chosen a style that suits the finish of your home, it’s time to decide what colour you would like your door to be. Muted colours like, black, white, navy, and grey are popular choices, but a bright colour like red will liven up the look of the property, and make a real statement.

red front door wooden style


Safety is one of the crucial elements you need to consider when choosing a front door. Modern doors like aluminum and steel are easily upgradable to an electric or fingerprint lock – ideal if you find yourself losing your keys a lot, or are looking to add an extra layer of security.

Aside from meeting your personal safety requirements, the front door you choose must conform to Building Regulations Part Q. This section states that all new front doors must be able to resist physical attack by a burglar. In line with Part Q, the door should also be fitted with a door viewer, a door limiter, and a letter plate that people can’t stick their hands through.

Another safety standard to look out for when choosing your front door is British Standards BS3621, relating to thief-resistant locks. When insuring your home, one of the requirements is usually to have at least one lock on your front door that conforms to this standard, so it’s a feature worth looking for when you are choosing your new front door.

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Like windows, all external doors to your home need to be properly insulated, to prevent your home from leaking heat. Construction materials alone aren’t a good indicator of a door insulating capabilities, so you will need to understand insulating values to choose a front door that will be sufficiently insulated.

The thermal efficiency of a door – referred to as it’s U-value – is calculated based on the rate and amount of heat that can pass through the door. The lower the U-value, the more efficient the door is at insulating your home and currently building regulations state that all doors must achieve a U-value of less than 1.8 W/m².

beautiful and strong front door


Although you can buy a standard front door for around 300 or less, this is often a false economy and the money you save when purchasing it could end up costing you further down the line in heating bills, damage, or even a burglary if the door isn’t secure enough.

When you are shopping for a new door, you will also need to factor in additional costs like the price of delivery and installation, and the cost of the accompanying frame.

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4 beautiful ways to Decorate Your Home Façade

According to LaRousse (French Dictionary), the terms façade  is “Face d’un bâtiment sur laquelle s’ouvre l’entrée principale (façade sur rue, sur cour, par opposition à façade sur jardin)” Or in English, it refers to the face of a building on which the building’s main entrance is (frontage on street, on court, as opposed to facade on garden). In that sense, this blog post gives you 4 exceptional tips to decorate your home façade without hurting your bank.

But first….

It can be very easy to get carried away renovating and decorating inside your home. Certainly you can create a unique and wonderful environment which suits your every need. However, people often overlook the importance of decorating their home façade. This will allow you to get excited about coming home and enjoy the great outdoors when the weather is nice. That is why, you will learn the 4 steps to create the perfect façade for you and your family.

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Facade Cladding

Take a look at www.cgsfacade.com.au and you’ll be surprised by the range of cladding options possible. This is a rapidly growing industry with something that will appeal to everyone. You don’t need to opt for wood that needs to be painted every year, or traditional white cladding. There are lots of other materials which can be used and color schemes. Simply choose the one that you like the most and get the professionals to install it for you.

One of my favourite material for cladding is the tile facade cladding as compared to the metal facade cladding aluminium. This is because I believe that tile is a stronger material and could resist many different type of element from heavy hail to torrential rain. I would stay away from the wood facade cladding simply because of where I live, it may not last very long with the strong wind and heavy rain during monsoon.

In all case, your home will be transformed nicely with proper facade cladding while gaining the benefit of better insulation which means saving on your energy bills!

tile facade cladding in Australian home
Beautiful australian tile cladding: via:sareenstone

Simple front yard landscaping

If your home already looks pretty good then you can choose to landscape your garden. This will transform the front of your home. Carefully planting will ensure that a visitor is directed towards your front door and their eye is directed to any spot you wish. You can highlight the best bits of your home. You need to make sure there is no clutter but some color when landscaping is a good idea. It will make your house look more like a home not just a commercial building.

The best approach to landscaping is to have several attractive shrubs and planters. This keeps the maintenance to a minimum while creating a natural feel. Well, depending how big or small your front yard is, there are many ways to beautify the front of your home to make it very inviting.

small front yard shrub and planters for australian home

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Facade lighting design

Don’t forget that for much of the year you are coming home in the dark. You want to arrive back to a welcoming and positive facade. One of the best ways to achieve this is to use lights connected to a smart device. This means you can turn them on when you are on your way home, rather than at a set time. You’ll want low level lighting illuminating your driveway and round the base of some of your planters and shrubs. You’ll also need to have lights to illuminate your patio and outside entertaining areas. These don’t have to be attached to your smart system but they can be!

but wait… besides the facade lighting, there are many way you can use the light to beautify your home, for example check these mansions’ pool at night. they are very pretty, aren’t they?

beautiful night view of a home facade

How about front door and windows?

The final piece of your puzzle is the doors and windows. Changing or even just cleaning these can make a huge difference to your front yard. The front door is particularly important. There are hundreds of modern designs or retro looks which can fit with the style of your home and set the tone of your home. Want classic look, go for it or even for farm house design, then look for something more white and pale. In short, all you need to do is select the style and color that suits. It should be a simple job to change the door and transform your façade at the same time.


front door and window decor for Australian

Final Remark

Improving your home facade does not need to be complicated. By looking at these 4 aspects you could beautify your front yard on a budget: cladding, landscaping, using light and upgrading windows and front door.



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Rezoning Property In Australia

Life is quite comfortable in Asian Countries. Most businessman live in shop house where they do their daily business. It seems to be much less strict than in Australia or America. In the southeast Asian country, one may convert the house into the shop house if you are located in a busy street. On the other hand, in Australia, property zoning is an important factor where you need to pay close attention.

What is Property Rezoning?

You may never have considered what zone your building is classed as, but if you’re thinking about modifying your home, changing its use or even building a new one you’re going to need to know a little more.The fact is that the population of Australia is likely to double in the next 25 years; that’s a lot more homes that have to be created! This increase in homes will be accomplished by skilled workers from firms like advancedgroupservices.com.au and the rezoning of existing properties.

property value after rezoning
source: propertyobserver.com.au

Rezoning Explained

There are 6 basic categories or zones. Every property and piece of land in the country is assigned to one of them:

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Mixed
  • Public
  • Agricultural

The zone simply represents how a piece of land or a property can be used.

Your home should be coded as Residential. But, if you want to turn part of it into an office or a miniature factory you’re going to need to apply for permission to change zones from residential to mixed.

Equally if you’ve bought an industrial unit but want to live in it you’ll need to have it rezoned from industrial to residential or mixed; depending on if you are intending to carry out a trade as well.

In many cases the zones will not affect you; you’re already residential and have no reason to change.

australian property rezoning

The complication is…

Unfortunately not all states use the same zoning codes; this can make it much more confusing to understand what you should do if you want to change the use of your property.

The reason this happens is that every state is allowed to create their own framework for zoning!

Each state defines its own codes based on which parts are designated for new residential growth or for commercial or industrial. There are also sub categories to make it more complicated. You can see a comprehensive breakdown here.

Know Your Code

It is a good idea to know which zone you are in and to familiarize yourself with your local government’s planning regulations. This is true even if you have no intention of moving, building or changing the use of a building.

how to rezoning an australian property

The fact is you never know what may happen in the future and understanding the zoning codes could be beneficial in the future.

After all, you never know when an opportunity could arise to make some funds just because you understand the zoning or rezoning laws.

Property Rezoning

This is simply the term applied to any building or land that is changed from one zone to another. This could be at your request or because the government have changed the intended use for future prospects.

Rezoning is always relevant when you are doing more than just living in a property or looking to develop and split a property. It is also relevant as the government plan for the increase in population; more areas will be rezoned into one of the residential categories.

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9 unique bookends you would love

Update as of 2 June 2018: I have added a bonus on natural geode book stopper as I believe in its positive energy helping to bring balance to your office or home. Enjoy!

At first I did not know what a bookend is. It is only after I do some research for a decorative items for my house and after I found on housedecorsale.com, I understand what the bookend is. Well, it is a support for a row of books. It is very useful for a library as it helps to keep book upright and well organized. This is important as it gives an appearance to your home that it is well organized. Furthermore, a well arranged house will attract good feng shui and improve the health of all people living in the house. Without further ado, let’s delve into the 12 unique bookends for your house:

1- Kikkerland Leaning Men Bookends

Leaning Men Bookends by Kikkerland

The Kikkerland leaning men bookend is designed to commemorate the machine age. This unique bookend is pretty heavy and the material is similar to those of stone and can hold up to 20 books. Its height is around 7 inches. It is perfect for any office or home library.

2- Kung Fu Bookends by Yoler

Kung Fu Bookends Review

This is a stylist Kung Fu Bookends by Yoler costs just $19.99 on amazon.


  • Stainless steel zinc alloy
  • Non Skid pad base means your book will not slip easily
  • Great for books, magazine, CD and cookbooks
  • Size: 2.76 x 6.1 x 7.3 inch

People who have bought this King Fu bookends were generally happy with their purchase for several reasons: shiny and won’t show any fingerprints and its fast shipment from Amazon i.e. within just two days.
Kung Fu Bookends size

3- Portal Bookends Blue & Orange Portal by ThinkGeek

Portal bookends by ThinkGeek

This unique bookend features a portal from an orange end to a blue end. These portal bookends measure 5-inches tall x 4-inches wide x 2 1/4-inches long. To some people, these are not called portal but a quantum tunneling. Overall, people are quite happy with these bookends as they are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes can do the job well.

4- Antique White Terra Cotta Pig Bookends

TerraCotta Pig Bookends antique white

This antique white pig bookend was designed by a company called Creative Co-Op which was established 11 years a go. This book ends are cute and sturdy and has a vintage look. A perfect Christmas gift for mom.

5- White Cat Bookend Set by Danya B.

White Cat Bookend Set by Danya B

This cat bookend set is made from cement with adorable expression of the white cat. Perfect gift for feline lovers while holding books securely. This may not be good gift for a family with small children though.

6- Koehle Dragon Figurine unique bookend

Koehler dragon bookend


This dragon bookend is made from polyresin. It would add a powerful status for your home for better fengshui. This is one of the most unique bookend I have ever found when researching for this blog. If you want to get one, check it out here: http://housedecorsale.com/product/koehler-home-decorative-polyresin-fierce-dragon-book-ends-figurine/

7- Bombayjewel Wide Eyed Owl Bookend Pair

Bombayjewel Wide Eyed Owl Bookend Pair

This owl bookend with wide eyes open remind me of a friend from Singapore. When she visits me here, I brought her to a gift store and she could not get an eyes of any gifts with owl designed. I am pretty sure that if you have friends just like my friend, this bookend will be a perfect gift for her birthday or special occasion. You can buy it from amazon by clicking here.

8- HomArt Cast Iron Bunny Bookends

HomArt Cast Iron Bunny Bookends

I am calling all bunny lover to buy this bookends. A really unique design in the area of rabbit bookend!

9- Tour Eiffel unique design bookend

tour eiffel paris unique bookends design

This is a MUST buy. Amazing unique design that make your house like a classical museum. On Amazon alone, this bookends received 4.8 stars out of 5. It is really a best buy in the area of bookends.

Well, as a bonus, I am going to show you this awesome crystal geode bookends which you can buy at the comfort of your home.

Cheap natural geode bookends

First you need to know what are natural geodes. The short answer is that they are rock with cavity lined with crystal or other mineral elements in it. The geodes are formed through many years and they start out as a hollow bubble inside of a layer of rock mostly from volcanic rocks or chemical precipitation. The Greek and many people believe in geodes to bring harmony and creativity from a metaphysical perspective. It is undeniable that geode just like any other matter hold energy and hence people would use geodes to decor their office or home as it is considered to bring in good energy.

But that is not all…. to most believer, geode helps making the Chi to flow naturally throughout the ambiance. They consider geode to have feminine character thanks to its cavity in it. Believe it or not, geode can help to bring balance and positive mood in your office or home. That is why, I am going to share with you this one sale large geode bookends that you can buy right now.

large geode bookends

buy now in Amazon


That is all for now with my review of 9 unique bookends you would love! Now, go on and tell me from the comment below which design you love the most?


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Large Cantilever Patio Umbrellas

Last year summer, I had announced the best 9 foot patio umbrella under 100$. This year, while the weather is getting warmer in late May, I am getting myself ready earlier than usual for summer. This includes bringing my bbq pit, the hammock and do the lawn. And as my backyard lacks trees and shade, I need to find the easiest and cheapest solution to keep my whole family from sunburn. Of course, the solution is… outdoor cantilever patio umbrellas. Buying an umbrella for your patio isn’t that easy if you don’t know the specific needs that would best suit your garden. When choosing the umbrella for your situation and lifestyle, here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

It is important to protect your family against overheating, sunburn and the risk of skin cancer from the heating sun. When you want to protect them from the outdoor element while keeping cool, it is worth to consider getting one of these outdoor umbrellas.

What is Cantilever Patio Umbrellas?

I only came to knowledge of the term cantilever parasol when researching for exterior market umbrella. The term cantilever parasol, aka “offset hanging umbrella” is a large outdoor umbrella where its base is located to one side.

In other words, the cantilever patio umbrella hangs to the side of its body. It is supported by a strong base with its pole bending slightly as it reaches upward. This design helps to counter the balance of the cantilever system. It is very suitable for large areas with dining sets underneath the umbrella or swimming pools beside the patio furniture because it could be rotated freely around its axis.


4 Consideration you must know before buying

Unlike the usual patio parasol, the outside offset umbrella is more expensive. Hence, before you buy any of these canopies, it is important to do proper research.

First, assess what space you have

It is important to assess your backyard and have a mental mind on where to place the patio umbrella will help with shading. How large is it, where is your dining table and what do you plan to use the parasol for? Is it to cover the garden dining table or side pool?

When you evaluate your exterior space, you would then be able to conclude how many and where you would place them. For instance, if you have a large rectangular dining table for 10 people, the most ideal way is to purchase 2 offset patio umbrellas. This way, you are sure to have a complete shade coverage for everyone.

But wait – there’s more

Need to move the outdoor parasol often? Then consider getting the strong base with wheel. This way you will not hurt your back when trying to give shade to your children sandbox during a strong sunny day.The base with wheel allows you to transport and move it easily. And do not worry, the wheel will not make your umbrella any weaker. It may be slighly more expensive but it is worth any penny.

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It gets better … with

To the contrary of the above, in case you plan to use your outdoor umbrella at the pool side, you will not likely move these parasols as frequently. As such, it is ideal you fix its base to the ground. You’re dead right for this requirement, it is advisable to buy a large cantilever umbrella instead of getting those flimsy ones.

tiny umbrella meme

Now… size matters!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I see this below of a tiny umbrella! —>> See what i mean? Shame on me 😮

At this point you realized you had just spent 100$ for a wrong product. That is why it is important to be very thoughtful when it comes to the umbrella size. You do not want to buy an item just to realize it does not suit you .. just like the man to the right.

Now, the size of patio area umbrella varies but is usually range from 6 to 11 feets. Some makers produce an extra large patio umbrella that can go up to 13 feets. Well, in my view large does not mean better. Hence, you need to measure the area you want to be covered by the umbrella before buying it.

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@media(min-width: 961px) {.adace_adsense_5b11cfc7e0b3d {display:block !important;}}

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your outdoor patio sunshade is actually very major, this could crowd a smaller sized patio area interfering with an all-natural appeal. Meanwhile, a sunshade which is actually also tiny is actually unexpected to deliver sufficient shadow. This restricts the functions from the sunshade as well as the entire factor from acquiring this initially.

But that’s not all, when thinking about dimension do not forget the height of the parasols.The ideal parasols need to be actually high enough for all family and friends yet certainly not ultra tall that can pose safety risk to the users.

Cantilever Patio Umbrella Price

Cantilever umbrellas can be pretty expensive. This is largely because of the sophisticate system and its aesthetic appealing. By searching an online store Amazon, I had identified the most expensive heavy duty offset patio umbrella at the range of over 3,000 USD.

By contrast, you dont have to worry because the average price of a small cantilever umbrella is just around 100USD, which is very affordable.

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3 Best Large Cantilever Patio Umbrellas

With the summer fast approaching, remember to get your cantilever patio umbrellas today to protect your whole family from cancerous sun ray. Honestly, there are just tens of umbrella brands out there, but one thing’s for sure, the best product will be evident from real people’s review and that the patio umbrella’s maker cannot lie! See it for yourself to believe.

heavy duty cantilever patio umbrella

This sturdy cantilever umbrella features a 10 ft canopy with handle and crank. Its consists of 8 ribs for a strong wind resistant property. Its base is strong and heavy after you fill it with water and sand. The other feature of this best offset umbrella for wind is its main pole (aluminum) has safety limit sleeve to protect accident. You can adjust opening angles within 90 degrees safely.

Most importantly, this heavy duty cantilever patio umbrella receives very positive reviews. Remember to read them for yourself before making a purchase decision.

heavy duty cantilever patio umbrella

Large Hanging Patio Umbrella by C-Hopetree

C-Hopetree is quite a renown umbrella maker. They produce both in-table umbrella and awesome offset patio umbrella like this 10 feet version.

This is a premium outdoor large umbrella with a reliable and easy to use crank system which facilitate the opening and closing of the umbrella smoothly.

chopetree large patio offset umbrella

This large patio umbrella receives quite a few phrase as shown in the sample review below.

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amazon large patio umbrella honest review
click to enlarge this large cantilever patio umbrella review

Best 10 ft offset umbrella with double top by Purple Leaf

I love this offset umbrella. With its large 10 ft unique double-top canopy, this utility umbrella is ideal for commercial or residential use. If this is your first time buying a patio umbrella, you need to know the benefit of double top! This is a must if you are living in an area that is very windy since the gap on the top of the canopy allow the wind to pass through without throwing this large cantilever umbrella off balance. Currently, this Purple Leaf umbrella is on sale for just 399 USD. Get one before stock last.

purple leaf double top cantilever umbrella

Super Grand Curved patio umbrella

This super large  curved patio umbrella is made by Grand Patio, an Amazon based online store. Featured 11.5 feet double coated and water resistant market umbrella. It allows you and your guest to enjoy the beautiful sunny day without worry about skin cancer! It is designed with full functionality in mind with safety limit sleeve on the main pole.

super large curved patio umbrella


Very cheap Abba 10 feet Cantilever Umbrella

Cantilever Umbrella is considered cheap when it is less than 100$, IMHO. In this case, I found the best deal from Abba Patio who offers this 10ft offset umbrella for just 99.99$. It is the cheapest cantilever umbrella I have found so far. According to the real honest review, this 10 ft umbrella is ideal in location with slighter wind. If you are on the budget, then this Abba Patio Umbrella is for you. Get it now on Amazon.

super cheap abba patio cantilever umbrella

11 Ft Solar Powered LED Lights Cantilever Umbrella

This is a cantilever umbrella with lights from Ulax furniture . It features a 11 ft canopy which provides about 95 square feet of shade on summer days while gives you a glowing cozy night. There is two way to charge the LED light. First, during sunny day, the battery will be charged by itself through the sunlight. If you prefer, you can also charge it via USB. With solution dyed polyester, this is a fade and water resistant umbrella. It has the air vent to allow air to pass through during windy night. One awesome feature of this Ulax Patio umbrella is the 7 different tilt positions to copy with the sunlight from different angles with the possibility of  360° Rotation of the canopy.

cantilever umbrella with lights

buy now in Amazon

10-Feet Hanging Rectangular Cantilever Umbrella by Abba

Yet again the Abba Patio had produced an awesome rectangular offset umbrella. Currently 53 raving customer has voted this umbrella as one of the best non-circular patio parasol. Ideal for any occasion. If you are a fan of non regular outdoor parasol, then get this weird shape cantilever umbrella. Well, in term of price, it ain’t cheap either, check it out on Amazon by clicking on the button below the image.

rectangular cantilever umbrella


Final Thought

Summer is undeniable the best time of the year. It is a time where we have a lot of sun and with sunlight, comes the BBQ. With the BBQ, you will need to have shade to protect you from the UV light which can cause skin cancer. That is why, it is important to prepare your backyard garden with one of these large cantilever umbrella. With its many shape and size, you can get circular or rectangular cantilever parasol as desired. After all, you do not want to feel the sun burnt, do you?

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Helpful Laundry Room IKEA hack You Need to Know

Laundry room is probably the least favorite place in your house. Not only it is stuffy but also is the place that explains the price tag on your electricity bill. To some, laundry room is a dumpster: the old toy of the first boy, the empty box from the last house move to the dirty cloth that will never be worn again. In short, it could be one of the most cluttered space in the entire house. On the other hand, with IKEA hack, you could turn your Laundry room into the most useful room in your resident.

Below you will find awesome organized ideas for your laundry room. By using products from IKEA, you not only keep your room functional but also keep your wallet happy. Without further ado, let’s delve into the inspiration to remodel your laundry room below.

2018 ikea laundry hack you should try

IKEA Algot hack for laundry

The ALGOT Wall upright shelve from IKEA is a very versatile and budget friendly shelving system. They are mostly used in the pantry or laundry room. But thanks to its modular style, it can be fit almost anywhere, for instance check this under-stair storage IKEA hack as an example.  Using the ALGOT shelf in laundry room is an excellent ideas, and that is exactly what Nicole and Jonathan of Florida had used in their remodel Laundry room. Similarly, just take a look at the following photo of how a 3 level shelf is being used in this Laundry Room.

In case you don’t know what items to be placed on those ikea shelve, i suggest you to think about these: Detergent, other cleaning supplies,lighter items and baskets to name a few – see photo below. In short the ALGOT shelving works best for tiny laundry room.

IKEA Cupboard with Cloth Hanger

The beauty of IKEA product is that they are modular i.e. they are quite similar to LEGO for the children. You just need to plug and play and you can combined various options to make a unique result. In below laundry ideas from IKEA, you can consider adding a hanger and a cupboard. Similar to the Shelving concept, the cupboard allows you to hide the dirty away the detergent, washing product from the plain sight. Likewise, the hanger allows you to use your tiny room in the most space efficient manner – see the photo below:

src the ideal IKEA cloth hanger in the laundry room Ikeahack.


IKEA Storage Basket

My wife loves the IKEA Storage Basket as they are very user friendly for those wanting more functional space for their room. The basket comes in various shapes and forms. You could get the wall mounted basket or simple basket where you use to put your dirty clothes.

Comfortable to carry because the entire clothes basket is made of soft, flexible plastic.
Super beautiful and functional light blue soft round plastic laundry basket I bought from IKEA. Frankly, this is a unbreakable awesome piece I would highly recommend.


ikea laundry hack you need to know in 2018

Your washing machine is in plain-sight, Help!

If you are living in a tiny space where your washing machine or/and the dryer is in plain sight, you will need this IKEA Hacks. I recall my old time at year 2 of university where I had installed a slim freestanding washing machine.

At that time, I did not bother to hide the machine away. My girlfriend would make a joke about my lack of interest to hide it away! Now fast forward to 2018, I have changed my style completely. Instead of not placing anything at all, I would have just gone to IKEA and get curtain rods and curtain and install them in my studio! Well, while the curtain wont stop the sound from leaking out, it helps to hide these machines from your guest’s view.

Get laundry hamper sorter ikea to help organize

No doubt, the number one mess that I could think of when it comes to the utility or laundry room is the lack of organization. It is imperative to have a proper storage, shelf, hanger and cabinet to help with proper organization. Without these items, you will simply not making full use of all the available space!

One of the simple way to declutter the space is to use the laundry hamper where you can buy it cheaper from Ikea or amazon. See some sample photos of how these hampers sorter can help your life!

This Ikea cloth hamper sorter does not have a wheel but it can be fold. This laundry basket foldable is ideal to sort different type of material before you wash them.

Buy this Hamper Sorter on Amazon

Or how about something more sophisticate with these clothes hangers as well? This type of hamper sorter is more ideal for a bigger space utility room.

3 bag laundry sorter for easy organization
This is a laundry basket on wheels ikea plus a hanger. Ideal for any large space basement. The wheel facilitate the movement from drying to folding station.

ikea folding laundry rackConclusion Remark

I love Ikea hack thanks to its budget friendly modular product. I dont have to worry about spending too much money when trying to improve my home. Likewise, this post about Laundry room or Utility room hack contains quite a few inspirational ideas to organize your space without hurting your bank.

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