3 Must Have Features In Dream Homes

Did you know that 35% of Americans have already bought their dream home? This leads to the question of what is a dream home. After all, surely everyone’s image of the perfect home is different.

You might be surprised to know that most people’s idea of a dream home is not actually a massive mansion; people generally have more realistic ideas. With this in mind and the fact that the Australian market is set to cool this year, now might be the time to fund the home of your dreams.

beautiful modern home features

It might help to know the 3 features which are most commonly found in dream homes:

Grand Staircase

The epitome of a dream house is the sweeping staircase, elegantly reaching into the stars. In reality the staircase doesn’t need to be quite as grand as in a Disney movie. It simply needs to state elegance and style.

But, one feature which is often overlooked and is an integral part of creating the right staircase is the balustrade. In fact stainless steel balustrades are currently the most popular choice as they portray the simplistic, classic design with a contemporary flair.

grand staircase by mosaic architecture
grand staircase by mosaic architecture

There are hundreds of different styles available; you’ll need to speak to an expert to select the right design for your dream home.

Open Space Living

The next most popular feature of a dream home is an open plan living area. The décor should be minimalistic and simple enough to allow easy vision between the room spaces.

This will help to create the ‘wow’ factor as you and friends arrive at your home. But it can also make the family feel together even when in different room spaces and completing different things. Of course, if you’re a parent this is also a great feature to ensure you can keep a good eye on your children. It is beneficial if this open living area extends into a rear conservatory style room and on to the garden. This will create the illusion of additional space, if you need it.


Perhaps the most important factor in any dream home is maximum light. In general a dream home has a good level of privacy ensuring that the need for curtains or blinds is less. This means that you can maximize the number of windows and doors, flooding your home with light.

Sunlight can help you to feel in a positive mood and deal with a huge array of issues; it can also help to make your home feel more like you are outdoors, even when the weather is not great.

A natural extension of the light factor is to have an outside entertaining space which is connected directly to your home. This will allow for entertainment at the highest level and for you to enjoy the weather, on good days and bad.

classic home with maximum sun light

Final Remark on Dream Home Features

There are many personal features that you might wish to see in your dream home but these 3 are found in the majority of dream homes simply because they make the home more pleasant to live in.


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3 Outdoor Building Projects You Can Complete during this Autumn

You know I love Australia. In fact, I have written several articles on Australian home decor, home improvement and residential garden. Since Australia is located in the Southern hemisphere their Autumn is coming next. Specifically, Australian autumn will start on March 1 and end on May 31, 2018. Nothing is more better to start a diy backyard landscaping to improve the value of your house this fall, right?

So why renovate your house?

Renovating and decorating the inside of your home can make it a more enjoyable place to live. Carrying out work such as adding a bathroom, or replacing a kitchen, can also add value to the property. It’s easy to get carried away with concentrating on the interior of your home, when it comes to renovation projects. But, you should never forget your outside space.

Outdoor building projects in Australia backyard - four patio chairs on deck
outdoor building projects that you can complete this Autumn 2018

There are several outdoor building projects that you can undertake, if you pay attention to planning and do your research. An important part of this planning is making sure that you fully understand the outdoor area of your property. You need to know about any obstacles that you may face once you start to build. It’s often a good idea to speak to a building surveyor. To help you with this. You also need to think about your budget, timescales and any outside help you may need. Once you have completed your planning, you can start on the project. Here are three easy outdoor projects that you may want to try this Autumn.

Creating a Deck Area

outdoor deck fine home construction for exterior
Amazing fine home construction for exterior deck on rooftop. via

If you want to make the most of your outside space, it’s a good idea to use it for entertaining, when the weather is good. Creating a decking area means that you have somewhere for people to sit and talk, or where you can serve a meal outside. Of course, when you are building a decking area on your property, you need to make sure that it’s study and railed off, if it’s raised, so that anyone using it remains safe.

outdoor deck renovation for backyard diy project

How about Tree House for the Kids?

It can be hard to get some adult time, if your kids are running around your feet all day. Why not create a treehouse outside, so that they have somewhere of their own to hang out, outside of their bedroom? Your kids will love the independence that a tree house can bring, and you can get some peace and quiet. If you do not have trees in your outside space, you can always build a house on stilts instead.

a treehouse for kids diy
A DIY project – treehouse for kids

The Obvious: Fire Pit Area

This is another obvious idea for the Australian. You can stay outside well into the evening, with light and warmth being provided by the fire. You can choose whether to opt for wood or gas when you are building a fire pit. Although, you may want to check whether there are any local restrictions on when you can burn wood outside. Think carefully about where to place the fire pit. Choose a place where it’s easy for people to sit, and which is sheltered, so that it feels cosy.

outdoor fire pit a diy project for Winter in Australia
outdoor fire pit a diy project for Winter in Australia. via
cheap backyard patio ideas - fire pit area
One of the cheapest backyard patio ideas is to create a fire pit for evening snack.

Final Thought

All of these backyard building projects can be completed, if you give yourself enough time. Do not procrastinate any more, it is time to diy backyard makeover with these three ideas. Make sure that you do not start a project when there are other important things going on in your life. And, be realistic with your time frame, so that you do not become disillusioned along the way.

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19 best Infinity Pools Your Bucket List is missing (Photo inside)

One of the top post in my blog is these beautiful swimming pools at night photo taken around the world. While my interest is on home decor, I love swimming and I teach my kids to swim since the age of 3. With this love, I like to research for more beautiful swimming pool. This post is about infinity pools that are beautifully designed around the world that most likely your bucket list is missing big time!

But first, what is infinity pool. Well, infinity pool or endless pool is a swimming pool where water flows at one of the edge producing a visual effect of water with no boundary (see wikipedia for info). In order to create this type of effect, it is important the pool is created facing a large space such as open sea or the sky.

why is it called infinity pool? Well, that is because of appearance that it gives to the swimmer. The pool itself is usually located at an edge of the building or facing a large space with no obstructive view. Thus the name infinity pool.

1- Infinity Pool Miami

Miami is an international hub located at southeastern tip of America. It has beautiful beaches but nothing beats these endless pool in Miami. This infinity pool is located at the roof top of W Miami Hotel (previously known as Viceroy hotel). Ideally located with views of Biscayne Bay and the Miami River, this W Miami is perfect for business or leisure travelers.

roof top miami swimming pool during a night photo shoot
Unraveled view on the roof top W Miami hotel – a shot at night

Viceroy hotel rooftop no-end swimming pool

2- Zero Edge Pool Ubud, Bali

Next, let’s enjoy these beautiful photos of the Ubud hotel Infinity Pool. Located in Bali, this infinity pool allows you to swim right up the edge of the jungle. Would you dare to experience this pool?

ubud infinity pool
according to my indonesian friend, this pool is located in a deep jungle in Ubud area of Bali. A Must go !
ubud hotel infinity pool
serenity in the ubud hotel infinity pool

Ubud top of the world pool

infinity pool ubud bali
Tranquility at its best in this infinity pool ubud bali.

3- Infinity Edge Pool Marina Bay Sands Resort

I am amazed with the endless swimming pool located on top of the “Ship” in Singapore. The Marina bay sands infinity pool entrance (or the “ship”) roof top is 20 Singapore dollar for an adult. However, this entrance fee allows you to access the roof top’s bar and not the access to the pool itself. There is no way to swim in one of the best infinity pool in Asia without having to pay hefty price for a night stay. However, its view, especially during the night is just as awesome.


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Located 57 flights up and overlooking Singapore’s bustling financial district, the endless pool at the Sands is nothing short of astounding.Of course, as a matter of fact, there is no death being recorded in infinity pool in the “ship” roof top pool.

Take a look at these photos of the Marina bay sands resort’s infinity pool:

marina sand edgeless pool at night
A view on the top of Marina Bay sands resort as illustrated by kirkhille photo.

the best infinity pool in Asia

4- Vanishing Edge Pool Dubai

Dubai has become a must-go-to tourist place for Asian tourists. Thanks to its policy, Dubai, a city of UAE attracts many rich Chinese tourists. Well, in a city state with little rain each year, it is amazing to see they do have endless pool too. Well, enjoy:

Burj Al Arab Terrace resort pool from a drone
Amazing infinity pool view from a drone of the expensive Burj Al Arab Terrace Resort.
Burj Al Arab Terrace endless Pool at Dubai
Infinity pool Dubai as seen on visitdubai

Burj Al Arab Terrace Pool view from a drone

5- Best Swimming Pool Kuala Lumpur

Like back to Singapore, Malaysia has its own infinity pool to be proud of. For example, one of such pool can be found in the SwissGarden roof top swimming pool.

swissgarden infinity pool Kuala lumpur swissgarden KL infinity pool

The other endless swimming pool in KL that I would recommend is from Regalia Residence, a luxury residence. The pool is in fact meant for the guest only. However as this Boston born traveler had tried, she managed to sneak in without any cost involve.

Regalia Residence roof top infinity pool with hot lady

day time at Regalia Residence infinity pool

6- Best of Bahia Azul Zero Edge Pool

Only through this blog post, I start to learn more about geography. Today I learn that Bahia Azul literally means Blue Bay,is a beach on the Caribbean island of Curacao. It is near a fishing village of Sint-Michiel northwest of the capital Willemstad. The “Blaauw” plantation nearby gives rise to this name. There is a golf course, a hockey field and snorkeling facility. Now, let’s check how beautiful its endless swimming pool look like.

endlesspool in bahia azul
Villa Bahia Azul infinity pool

7- The best Safari Vanishing Pool

swimming pool at four season hotel in safari
Need a safari outing in this awesome luxury hotel (four season hotel Safari)
four seasons safari lodge serengeti endless pool
The middle of Safari – billion dollar view when enjoying the swim.

As the name suggested, this endless pool is located in the heart of Safari in Tanzania. Here I refer to the four seasons safari lodge serengeti. Just one night stay at this ultra luxurious hotel would cost 1,595 USD as per my checking on booking.com. The four seasons safari lodge serengeti rates, while expensive, give you a feeling of being a queen or king for the day. And of course, it has one of the best infinity pool in Safari. That is why I am sharing this post when I am reviewing the safari infinity pool. Check these exclusive photos from the four seasons safari lodge serengeti in Tanzania now.


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kempinski serengeti endless pool in Africa

8- Infinity Pool Santorini

Santorini was my honeymoon place. I remember when we visited it was not a peak season was it was end of February. The windy wind blow my eyebrows and lips and it was very fresh. After an enjoyable day touring around Oia, I turned back to my hotel with a swimming pool that goes on and on right next to the ocean. It was just amazing feeling, especially during the honeymoon period.

santorini infiniti pool
Pretty woman in Bikini at an edge of an infinity pool in Santorini, Greece island.
infinity pools santorini
Sunset at one of the infinity pools in Santorini

canaves hotel endless swimming pool oia hotel santorini with endless pool

9- Infinity Pool Motueka

Motueka is a small town located at the tip of the southern island of New Zealand. It is around around 810 KM away from Queenstown. Like anywhere in New Zealand, we always find peaceful scenery and the sensation of solitude. Well, to complement the peacefulness, we can enjoy and relax at this zero edge pool at the Split Apple Retreat, Motueka.

Luxury resort in Motueka New Zealand with no edge pool drone view from the top
A bird eye view of Motueka New Zealand resort with infinity pool on its roof top.

day time edge-less pool of new zealand finest resort - Split Apple Retreat at Motueka infinity pool at Motueka new zealand split apple new zealand no edge pool at night

10- Infinity Pool koh samui

Koh Samui is an island located at the east cost of Thailand. It is very famous among European and American tourists. The influx of mass tourists lead to the fast growth of luxurious buildings, villa and resorts around the island. In 2013 alone, it was recorded that 17,479 hotel rooms are available to serve visitors. Like any other touristic places, you will find luxury hotel with infinity edge pool to enjoy. From my research, here are the results of beautiful no edges pool in Koh Samui, Thailand:

great patio within an infinity edge pool in Koh Samui
a million dollar view at this patio leading to the sea in Koh Samui

cloudy day casting over koh samui infinity edge pool intercontinental infinity pool view from a drone Samui Baan Taling Ngam Hotel infinity edge pool super blue swimming pool thailand ko samui

11- Resort at pedregal mexico showing off vanishing edge pool

This luxury resort is a five star residence located at the edge of Baja California Sur, Mexico. Of course, like any comfortable and expensive hotel, it also has a vanishing edge pool – see photos below.

resort at mexico vanishing edge pool
An interesting resort at Mexico beach resort.

night view of Resort at pedregal mexico zero edge pool Resort at pedregal infinity pool view at night

12- Best infinity pool switzerland

Switzerland is a small landlocked country in western Europe. Although, the country is not part of the European Union, it is part of Schengen region. According to my research for a infinity pool switzerland hotel, I found villa honegg switzerland. This 5 stars resort hotel is perched high above Lake Lucerne and it offers exclusive amenities such as 34 degree spa all year round. It has the best infinity pool in switzerland, in my view.

Villa Honegg no edge pool
While drafting this blog post, my son asked: Will he fall off from this infinity pool, after seeing the photo of this hotel honegg on top of lucern switzerland hotel. It is amazing how the children also wonder how do infinity pools work.
lucern hotel honegg best endless pool switzerland
Can you fall off infinity pool? that is the question my boy asked me when viewing this no edge swimming pool overlooking lucern lake in Switzerland. Well, it is quite hilarious to be asked this question, really. Well the answer is: Yes, you can fall off but there is always a catch all system next to the pool, so you wont be falling down all the way. It is what I understand from the infinity pool design anyway.
hotel villa honegg top of the world pool during winter
infinity pool during winter at Hotel Villa Honegg, Switzerland

hotel villa honegg infinity pool overlooking lucern lake

13- Infinity Pool overlooking mountain

round jacuzzi pool at Matakuri lodge overlooking mountain
A perfect round jacuzzi pool at Matakuri Lodge with mountain and ocean view
Matakauri Lodge tiny pool overlooking mountain
Looking for a no-edge pool overlooking mountain? Go to New Zealand’s Matakauri lodge for once in a life time experience.

This type of zero edge pool goes to the swimming pool at Matakauri Lodge in Queenstown, New Zealand. The luxurious vanishing edge pool is situated witihin the Spa and Fitness Center complex of Matakuari Lodge. Plunging into this pool will make you relax with spectacular views of the lake and mountain.


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@media(min-width: 601px) {.adace_adsense_5a791a8d2ddc2 {display:block !important;}}
@media(min-width: 801px) {.adace_adsense_5a791a8d2ddc2 {display:block !important;}}
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tiny queenstown pool over looking mountaint

14- Infinity pool hawaii

I cannot stop myself from reviewing the Sheraton waikiki infinity pool when searching for Hawaii’s best zero edge pool. At least 40 people have searched for the sheraton waikiki pool hoursin the last month alone. This tells me that the Sheraton hotel in honolulu with infinity edge pool is well in demand. It is worth to showcase their pool with ocean view here, of course:

sheraton waikiki pool hours is from 8 am to 8 pm daily, 7 days a week.

sheraton waikiki infinity edge pool

15- no edge swimming pool cancun

Cancun is a very beautiful region near to Cuba but within Mexico. To make this list of best infinity edge pool around the world complete, we need to include the pools in Cancun, for sure. Enjoy these awesome pools view.

Krystal cancun 3 star hotel with endless pool looking over sea
deep blue ocean at the horizon in front of a no edge pool for Krystal cancun 3 star hotel.
sandos cancun luxury hotel during twilight open infinity edge pool
Twilight photo shoot at Sandos Cancun luxury hotel.

Hotel Riu Cancun endless pool overlooking the open sea of cancun

16- Infinity pool Maldives

Maldives consist of many islands, located south of Indian peninsula. Even without infinity pool, Maldives resort shall be able to attract the tourists from all the around the world. Having said that, due to the high number of resorts, each hotel try to be different from the other through the amenities available for the visitors. Likewise, some resorts in this small island state do have great endless pool for visitors to enjoy.

sunset in conrad maldives resort infinity pool
sunset in conrad Maldives resort infinity pool
hotels in maldives with tree in the middle of their swimming pool
A tree planted in the middle of infinity pool with the ocean view
Dusit Thani Maldives swimming pool during evening time
An evening photo shoot in Dusit Thani in Maldives. I do want to spend my valentine 2018 in this sweet pool.
conrad maldives hotel swimming pool right at the beach side
A drone view of a T shape swimming pool at Conrad Maldives. You have never seen such a luxury hotel before at an affordable rate.

conrad hotel in maldives island with yoga instructor


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rangali island maldives pool right in the sea

17- Infinity pool rooftop

In no particular order, the following pictures showcase the infinity pool on the rooftop you need to swim as part of your bucket list.

bloody rooftop endless pool in Sao Paolo Brazil Hotel unique
Bloody rooftop endless pool in Brazil Hotel Unique- the first time I see red color swimming pool.
Greece Santorini rooftop pool overlooking the open sea and deep blue sky
Santorini’s rooftop pool with ocean view and deep blue sky
Joule-Dallas rooftop pool with glass
Awesome glass rooftop pool at Joule Dallas hotel. This swimming pool on top of house reminds me of a above ground glass swimming pool .
SHA Wellness Clinic roof top pool
SHA Wellness clinic roof top pool with continuous flow of heated water all year round.
Mandarin Oriental bacelona rooftop pool
Peaceful Mandarin Oriental Bacelona rooftop pool
SHA wellness spa pool in the roof top
Brazil’ SHA Wellness spa pool on top of the roof.
hotel fasano rio de janero roof top pool
Rio De Janero Hotel Fasano rooftop pool with no people.

SHA Wellness Clinic spain rooftop endless pool sofitel so bangkok rooftop infinity pool during fullmoon

18- Infinity Pool for Wedding Venue

Many men and women loves exotic location for their wedding. Months in advance if not year, couple planned their perfect wedding day and of course a location for their special day counts a lot. That is why, many beach resorts are coming up with creative way to include different type of wedding package ranging from one night free stay to a wedding by the infinity pool style. See example of wedding venue by the endless pool that you should not miss.

italy rooftop infinity pool venue for wedding
Wedding venue at Italy’s rooftop infinity tool with a free red vespa 🙂
infinity pool wedding photo by Oyster box
This is an awesome wedding photo by Oyster Box. It is important to hire a perfect wedding photographer for your wedding day by the infinity pool as well.
Bali vanishing pool venue for memorable wedding
Anyone want to get married in style? How about in Bali’s vanishing swimming pool?
hotel intercon ko samu wedding venu at the roof top pool with ocean view
Couple got married on the ocean view rooftop swimming pool of the InterCon in Ko Samu.
wedding venue by the endless pool by the seaside
Fancy for a pool’s bar for the wedding venue ?

19- Natural Infinity Pool

One of the most famous natural vanishing edge pool is the “devil’s pool Victoria falls”.  The Devil’s pool is located on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls. In this natural pool, you can plunge into the fresh water and swim toward the edge where you could enjoy the view of the Victoria’s fall itself. For safety reason, the devil’s pool is open only when the water level is low to allow safe swimming. Please do not take safety lightly during the devil’s pool tour as there was several reported death already at this natural swimming pool in Africa.

victoria fall devils pool - natural infinity edge pool
woman in bikini jump into the Devil’s pool while three men sitting on the edge of the Devil’s pool victoria fall.

natural infinity pool at victoria fall with tourist swimming to the edge

The other almost-natural infinity edge pool to add to your list of things to do before death is located at Tolantongo caves Mexico. The pool is filled with hot springs mineral water from the surrounding volcanic mountains. For the kids, they can enjoy the water slide and the nearby caves’ adventure. And I do understand if you are fancy with the following photos which enticing you to visit this cliffside pools in Tolantongo Mexico. So why not go on and book the vacation package at your local tour agent near you.

Tolantongo mexico hot spring
This is the calm and relaxing tolantongo mexico hot springs as seen on OverLandWay
Grutas Tolantongo Mexico natural cliffside pool
beautiful Grutas Tolantongo in Mexico. Pathway leading to the man made cliff side pool in mexico

Conclusion Remark

Are infinity pools safe? The short answer is Yes because its design is very similar to the normal pool. The difference is in its appearance. The fact that it allows water to flow over its edge shall not be a big concern. Therefore, do not worry too much when you visit any of this zero edge pool around the world.

Finally, I do wish you will find time to visit at least one of the 19 ideas shared above. Do leave your comments below if you had other swimming pools I should feature in this bucket list’s series.

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Outdoor Patio Dining Set for Enjoyable Family Gathering

Coronado Upholstered Outdoor Dining Set
Coronado Upholstered Outdoor Dining Set

Patio is a place located in the outside of the house. It is typically built without any wall and roof. Patio is a quite space with solid floor installation on the ground. This outdoor area commonly used by the house owners and their family to enjoy a good weather. You can either dine there or most people use it during summer month for barbecuing. Outdoor patio dining set is great solution to complete this area in order to you can completely enjoy your spare time with family and friend.


What is outdoor dining sets?

There are various designs of outdoor patio dining set you can choose from. But first, you need to know what is the dining set? As the name suggests, dining set consists of several dining furniture that are designed with one standard to suit outdoor weather.

It commonly contains of a simple dining table, some chairs or stools, and additional large dining umbrella. The patio table and stool typically are made of solid wood. On the other hand, Aluminum or hard stainless steel are used for patio furniture too for better durability.

One tip to select the outdoor dining sets furniture is to consider the outdoor element. If your small backyard areas are open space without any roof or wall, I suggest to buy the dining sets made from non-wood material. On the other hand, if your backyard living areas are at least partly covered, the polywood dining set would do.

5 Piece Conversation Set with Tile-Top Fire Pit Table Patio dining set 5-Piece Fire Pit Set


5-Piece Fire Pit Set

Outdoor patio dining set designs are very attractive to complete your house design concept. It is suitable for modern, contemporary, classic, and minimalist style of house. For classic style, there are some patio dining set designed with sculptural art on the entire table or chair. They usually made of aluminum and painted in white to fit the vintage era. For the modern style, a sleek black color or all brownish style look excellent.


Patio Dining Sets on Sale

If you are looking for discount outdoor furniture, nothing beats eBay. You can find lots of collection of outdoor patio dining set on sale on eBay by clicking here.

outdoor dining set in backyard living area

Of course beside ebay, you can also buy these type of patio furniture from Amazon – see the options below.

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Beautiful Chandelier Lighting by Metallux – Astro

Beautiful Chandelier Lighting

This beautiful chandelier, called Astro by Metalux, is ideal for those looking to make some confidant lighting choices that still make a superb statement. It’s a large chandelier, that’s for sure, though the soothing and ethereal peculiarity allows it to be oversized but being overwhelmingly inappropriate. It’s only simply stunning. Astro is a dangling light whose structure is done of radiant chrome metal and copper or can also be plated in 24kt gold. It is flashy with one hundred lilac colored potion pieces – enhancing the enchanting twinkle. Be certain to revisit Metallux to find out more.

Beautiful Chandelier Lighting

Beautiful Chandelier Lighting

Metal Lux Astro

Astro is a stunning lighting product by Metal Lux, a company based in Italy. The company creates so many awesome lighting decor for luxury hotels, resorts and rich family home. One of its flagship product is the Astro Chandelier as seen in this blog post. Amazing, isnt it?

astro by metallux light

astro 50 ceiling and wall lighting

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Oborain Solo and Piccolo Outdoor Shower

The Oborain prefab shower for outdoor used (updated as of 3 Feb 2018)

As of Feb 2018, when I check their website oborain, it is unfortunately down. This means the company is no longer in business, sadly. Nevertheless, this post is still here as a good reminder of how company can create such a creative prefab for outdoor shower.

Since the closure of oborain website, people still ask me where to find its price. Sadly, I do not really know where as well. Having said that, there are still many outdoor shower  diy project out there that you can tap into. Consider googling here.

oborain outdoor shower at my backyard

Oborain Outdoor Shower

Have a private outdoor shower is a dream for many people, is no exception. How to realize the dream of it ? Obrain that comes with Solo and Piccolo Outdoor Shower has a solution. Not only is my personal room you also have to take a luxury shower you.

Oborain Solo and Piccolo Outdoor Shower

Oborain Solo and Piccolo Outdoor Shower will bring a feeling of being enclosed and protected, yet open and connected with the elements of nature. With a Cascade of water at the temperature of the luxury perfectly from toiletries engineered beautifully. Use hardwood is outstanding with a combination of stainless steel hand-crafted into cocoons envelop pleasure made entirely perfect.

Oborain Solo and Piccolo Outdoor Shower 2

Oborain Solo and Piccolo Outdoor Shower 3

Oborain Solo and Piccolo Outdoor Shower 4

Oborain Solo and Piccolo Outdoor Shower 5

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7 Tips To Select a Perfect Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo clocks are timepieces with a long and rich history. They are highly reputed for their unique artistic designs and features. It’s no surprise that these clocks have remained in business for about three centuries now. While the original inventor of the clock still remains a mystery, its undisputed origin is the Black Forest region in southwestern Germany, which is in present day State of Baden-Wurttemberg. This is the region that oversaw much of it development and popularization.

Black forest in Germany
One fine day in the Black Forest in Germany. This Bavarian region is known for the original cuckoo clock.

Germany is very proud thanks to the iconic Cuckoo clock. The country has exported the clocks since more than 300 years now. These pendulum-regulated clocks are endowed with amazing features that makes their selection a somewhat difficult task. However, here are 7 crucial tips that may prove decisive when selecting a perfect cuckoo clock of your choice:

1- Consider Quality First

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vds seal of authenticity for cuckoo clock of black forest germany
If you are concerning of fake cuckoo clocks , only buy the clocks that have the VDS (Black Forest Clock Maker Association) seal – see this photo of how the VDS Seal looks like.

Imitation products flock to the authentic cuckoo clock. Finding a cuckoo clock with an unwavering standard of authenticity requires some in depth knowledge of the clock itself. An important measure of the quality of a cuckoo clock is taking into cognizance the origin of the clock. The undisputed origin of authentic cuckoo clock is undeniable the black forest (Schwarzwald) region of Germany.Since 1629, this region has been producing the original cuckoo clocks.

The black forest wood carvers and clock makers are considered as the pace setters who built the reputation and standards by which all cuckoo clocks are scaled. As a result of several imitations that threaten the art, reputation, and standards of authentic cuckoo clocks, the black forest clock association was formed. The association which is also known as verein die schwarzwalduhr (VDS) came up with a certification process that will aid buyers to ascertain the quality of an original cuckoo clock. A certified mechanical cuckoo clock comes with the VDS seal and a certificate of authenticity.

2- Choose Style

Styles and tastes are local to individuals. What appeals to you might not necessarily appeal another person. Cuckoo clocks come in variety of styles but the most common choices are the chalet style and the traditional style cuckoo clock. The chalet style cuckoo clocks have a design that varies from other cuckoo clocks style. The style normally depicts a scene of everyday life. They usually feature details such as dancers, beer drinkers, wood choppers, turning water wheels and beautifully carved animals.

The traditional style cuckoo clocks usually depict scenes of nature or hunting. They have peculiar deep carvings and rich stains. Their designs reflect their black forest origin and they have meticulously carved birds, eagles, deer, leaves, or owls. Chalet and traditional style are the most popular choices for people around the world.

chalet style cuckoo clock on the wall

3- Choose Type of Movement

The mechanism of movement of a cuckoo clock is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a cuckoo clock. Cuckoo clock is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a cuckoo clock. Cuckoo clocks are timepieces that are famous for their unique styles and system of operation. The movement of a cuckoo clock can be facilitated via either mechanical means or electronic means. However, people appreciate cuckoo clocks largely due to their originality, artistic design, and unique mechanism of movement and one thing that makes an original black forest cuckoo clock distinct is the mechanical movement of the clock. You need to wind these clocks at intervals for them to continue working. The movement intervals are in two categories: one day movement and eight day movement. You need to wind every 24 hours for the 1 day movement clocks while to wind every week for the 8 day movement clocks.

Both types of movement are produce in authentic black forest cuckoo clocks. For a clock to earn the VDS seal and certificate of authentification, the movement must be driven mechanically. Cuckoo clocks that are powered electronically are not considered as indigenous products of the black forest and do not qualify for the VDS seal and certificate of authentification. But many manufacturers have added quartz cuckoo clocks to offer a larger range of options in their products. They also come in decent qualities and are simple to maintain as they are powered by batteries.

The Best Cuckoo Clock amazon for Sale

4- Choose Music

Music has been one of the cardinal features of cuckoo clocks. In fact, people wants to hang the cuckoo clocks in their home because of these cute sound that they make. The clocks play music as well as the cuckoo bird sound. All musical movements are of standard quality but the quality vary with the number of tones, the higher the number of tones, the better the sound quality. Clocks with 1 day movement intervals play music on each half hour while clocks with 8 days movement play music on each hour interval. Cuckoo clocks with quartz movement usually play music on each hour interval and also include up to 12 different melodies.


5- Choose Figurine

Figurines are also unique features of an authentic coo coo clock. There are predominantly two forms of figures: dancing figurines or moving figurines. Those with dancing figurines could feature couples dancing or black forest children. The dancers usually turn when the music plays. The moving figurines could feature beer drinkers lifting their glasses, wood choppers with their axes or beautiful water wheels. All these features move when the music plays. There are more other features apart from the aforementioned but dancing couples are more popular. The coo coo clocks with figuring are usually expensive because of the effort by clock maker to hand carve and to paint them. Some producers also make a hummel figurines. These type of tick tock clock are quite delicate due to the porcelain material. Hence, you need to handle them with care.

coo coo clock with hummel figurine

6- Night sound Shut Off

Coo coo clocks are usually conditioned to make sounds in time intervals. At night, the sounds could be unpleasant and disturbing. It will be an excellent choice to consider these Bavarian Clock clocks with night shut off. Also, having a cuckoo clock with night shut off eliminates the dilemma of choosing where to hang it up as it won’t bother you in crucial moment like night sleep. Cuckoo clocks sound can be muted either manually or automatically. 1 day cuckoo clocks predominantly comes with manual shut off while 8 days cuckoo clocks usually comes with varying shut off options.

buy now in Amazon

7- Consider your budget

Cuckoo clocks are available in different varieties. Reputable manufacturers offer buyers a range of options depending on their budget and priority. You can optimize a decent quality of a Bavarian cuckoo clock below $100. Some buyers with fat budget usually opt to go for a simple cuckoo clock that offers them the advantage of simple maintenance.


Now that you know the seven tips to selecting a perfect coo coo clock, it is time to find out where can you buy these Bavarian clocks without hurting your bank.


How about used cuckoo clock for sale?

Instead of buying an authentic cuckoo clock with the VDS seal from the shop, how about consider getting  the used cuckoo clocks instead? You see, some items such as watches or clocks, the older they are, the more valuable they become. At time, they could even considered as vintage items or even as antique. So do not fret when considering the used version of these Bavarian clocks.

>> Find Used Cuckoo Clock that you can buy cheap here.


Which Home Decor Style is perfect for wall mounted coo coo clock?

Not all home decor style will fit nicely with the wall mounted coo coo clock. So do not buy these wall mounted clock if your interior design style is more of modern accent. Instead, if you are living in a farmhouse style or living on the mountain range, these clocks are excellent match. In other words, the coo coo clocks are perfect for chalets and wooden home.

Conclusion Remark

If you have scrolled down here, I suggest you to read the 7 secrets above. If you have done your home work, you shall be ready to buying one for your home. Whether you are buying an used cuckoo clock or new ones, remember that these clocks would make your home more warmer with a chalet like feeling.

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3 Strong Indoor and Outdoor Firewood rack for winter below 100$

Winter is here once again. There were so many media attention in relation to the winter this year. First, there was a bomb cyclone in New York. Then, in Switzerland, a strong threat of avalanche has cut a tourist destination called Zermatt twice in two weeks. You see, unlike any previous years, long long time a go, climate change is real folks, whether you like it or not.

So the next question is how can you protect yourself from all these winter hazard? One obvious reason is to get far far away, for instance to Asian Countries . That way you will enjoy the sun all year round, well sort of. Alright, joke aside, I must admit, most houses or apartment right now does not necessary comes with the fireplace and if like me, you have one, it is a luxury and hence it deserves to have a good rack to keep those bulky firewood.

I have a fireplace in the ground floor of my three-story house.Due to the limited space, I am pretty conservative when it comes to furniture placement. Likewise, I prefer not to spend a fortune of getting an expensive firewood rack and as such after researching on amazon, I have found three possible candidates for my fireplace:

Woodhaven 3 Foot Firewood Log Rack with Cover

It is a self evident that the Woodhaven company is one of the leading company producing a solid log rack for winter firewood.You know why? Simply refer to this Amazon’s page and you will see that this company only sell similar products that are linked to the industrial level log rack. That is why, I am recommending their product here.

Among their products, the cheapest one that goes at just USD99 is this 3 foot log rack. This firewood rack is good for my place as it is not too big and visually appealing. The benefit of a small rack is that you can either place it indoor or outdoor. In this particular case this woodhaven rack can be placed nicely outdoor thanks to its cover.

3 foot firewood rack for outdoor with cover
Beautifully placed firewood rack in the outdoor corner of the house. Easy to access rack for winter usage.

Sunnydaze 2-Foot Firewood Log Rack

It costs just over 79.95$, this 2-foot firewood rack is beautifully decorated with black powder-coated finish which makes the rack more durable and ensures that it will easily complement any outdoor space. The material is made from durable steel and guess what, it comes with full one year warranty so you do not have to worry about wasting your money.

outdoor firewood rack for harsh condition

Another benefits of this sunnydaze brand is the quick assembly, guaranteed. Having said that it also mean you may have some difficulty in moving the firewood around as it may fall out of place. Despite this, the 24 inch firewood log rack can hold up to 3 days of firewood without the need to replenish. This is what I am dying for i.e, can help keeping many logs for more than 2 days and is small enough for my small living room.

sundaze 2 foot firewood rack

Outdoor Steel Firewood Log Rack Bracket Kit

This third spot is dedicated to the Sunnydaze’s brand of log rack bracket kit. It is a combination of steel kits and you can make your own rack. It does come with one year warranty as well. Due to its adjustable length, this firewood rack for sale is ideal for outdoor usage.

Get it here on Amazon.

adjustable firewood rack for outdoor usage

Conclusion Remark

One last piece of advice before making purchase of the firewood rack or brackets is its placement. If you intend to place them outdoor, consider a larger piece. However if you intend for indoor usage, just simply buy these cheap firewood log is enough.


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5 Secrets to Home Decorating For Your Kitchen

Let’s face it — the kitchen is the heartbeat of your home.  After all, where else do you spend the most quality time with your family, or watch your kids as they do homework at the table, or gather your friends together to enjoy your regular Poker night?

That’s why it’s so important to keep your kitchen decor looking fresh, sophisticated, and current.  But you don’t need to hire an expensive interior decorator to give your kitchen a makeover.  In fact, with a little do it yourself home decorating magic, you can brighten up your kitchen without spending a small fortune.

Try these do it yourself home decorating tips out in your kitchen to freshen it up.

1- Think of style

country flair kitchen style
Add Country flair to your kitchen to make it warmer.

Want to brighten up your kitchen with country flair?  Buy a few iron magazine racks and hang them on your kitchen wall as fruit and vegetable holders.  Make sure to assemble the fruits by color to really make an impact.  For the upcoming spring months, we recommend using lemons and limes.

How about the italian design kitchen style? The italian has very rich culture and its kitchen style is usually open space, modern and lots of light. Let’s see some examples here:

tuscany kitchen style
Tuscany kitchen style has lots of wood, curvy ceiling and warm lighting with kitchen island in the middle.

rustic italian design kitchen style

2- Consider upgrade your kitchen cupboards

Do your kitchen cupboards need an update?  Consider staining your wood kitchen cabinets for a glossy look that’s sure to please.  Remove the doors from your cupboards, sand down the wood, and use an old rag to condition the wood.  Once that’s done, use an oil-based wood stain to treat your cabinets.

classic and rustic wooden cupboard upgrade for a new kitchen

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ebony wooden rustic cupboard for kitchen

3- Add stencils for kitchen walls

Want to unleash your inner artist while updating your kitchen décor?  Not a problem: grab your stencils, pick a gorgeous paint color (if you have a white kitchen, try a pomegranate paint), and place the stencils at random throughout your kitchen. If you’re hesitant about using paint, there are plenty of stencil stickers out there that remove the fear of commitment.

beautiful stencil sticker for wall stencil for kitchen wall

4- How about colorful kitchen?

To the contrary of the popular ideas of painting the kitchen in a warm color, how about brighten it up with colorful elements? For example, you can dip all your kitchen utensils into multiple color and then hang them on the wall (see this for tips on kitchen storage), as a display for instance?

bright color kitchen wall
Be bold, bright up the kitchen through these colorful wall painting. This multiple color painting gives a feeling of a home that is in the pacific island.
lime color kitchen wall design
Lime color kitchen wall design is really good during spring 2018 for example!

colorful kitchen utensils dipping in multiple paints

large colorful kitchen design

lime and lemon kitchen decor style
2018 is a fantastic year, how about using the lemon color for your kitchen decor?

5- Try white modern countertop

Granite countertop is still the top choice for their durability and beauty. However, other surface materials are also in demand. These include limestone, soapstone, quartz and river rock. Cement and recycled glass are becoming popular as well for their environmentally friendly properties. However, in this secret to home decor for your kitchen, how about upgrading your countertops to all-white, like images below:

super white is the new fashion kitchen countertops
All white is a new fashionable kitchen design that you should consider

modern all white countertops kitchen island modern all white kitchen countertops

Conclusion Remark

Thank you for arriving until this line, by now you would uncover the five secrets to the kitchen design for your home. If you have any feedback or comment, please leave the comments in the box below.

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9 Must Have Storage Tools for Your Kitchen

I love big space and hate cluttered kitchen. People would call that a minimalist design. For me, it is for good fengshui. For that reason, today I am going to share with you the best 9 storage tools that you need to declutter your kitchen.

Why do I need to declutter my kitchen?

I am glad you asked! Who would want to return from work to face with frying pans or utensil lying on the counter top? Not me! Besides the bad look and feel of the kitchen, the cluttered space leaves a bad energy around your home. If you are like me, I am a strong believer of a good Feng Shui. I remember one day when I returned home from work to see a messy house left by my kids and my friends. That day, I could not neither eat and sleep well at all. The next day, I decided to do a spring cleaning and in an instant, in additional to the extra space in my living room and kitchen, I felt so good and light. That night, I slept like a baby. Now you see, this is a power of a clean kitchen.

cluttered kitchen is a health hazard
A messy and cluttered kitchen can leave you in bad health state. Declutter your kitchen and make an extra space in an instant by following the tips below

Now that you know the important to declutter your space, it’s time to reveal the 9 tools you can use to hack your cluttered kitchen.

1- False Front Tip-Out Trays with hinges

This is one good hack for a DIY folks. The idea here is to not leave any space in front of your sink unused. By installing one of this tip out trays, you can store soap and sponge. When not use, you can hide them all away. A neat storage tool for any kitchen I must say.

tip out trays amazon for kitchen sink

Get it here

2- Ikea Knuff Magazine File

I did not know that the Ikea Knuff Magazine holder can be used for such purpose, until I found the photo from pinterest today that blow my mind. Good by to all those aluminium foil that lies on my kitchen counter top.

magazine holder rack for tint foil

Buy it here.

3- Pull out drawer with compartment for potatoes, onion and bread

This is quite a good hack to store these messy items- see photos below to understand what I mean. For more information, click here.
pullout drawer with compartment

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4- Use hooks for measuring spoon behind the cabinet

Another tip to give an instance extra space in the kitchen is to use hooks. These hooks can be placed behind the cabinet like the photos below. As we usually use adhesive tape to put these hooks up, it is not recommended to hang heavy utensil on these hooks.

tiny hooks behind cabinet door for extra space in kitchen

Get these hooks from Amazon.

5- Use photo display ledge to maximize the pantry space

As this designer from Columbia shown us on her Ikea Hack site, it is possible to use the photo display ledge to add extra space within the cabinet. I cannot agree more to that! As time goes by, we keep on stocking more and more cooking stuff and indeed it can be challenging just to find the salt tin! As such, I highy recommend this kitchen hack.

kitchen hack using photo display ledge for maximize pantry space

Go here to buy these photo display ledge.

6- Use magnetic knife strip for metal utensils

I admit, I used to see these magnetic stripe in Ikea store. However, I have never bother to install one. Having said that, these stripes are very powerful and cool if we blend well with the overall interior design. I would recommend you try these out.

magnetic knife strip ikea hack for kitchen

7-  Install an appliance lift that is hidden in the cabinet

This is a must have for any home owner. Personally, I love to bake and hence installing one of these appliance lift is a good idea. Beside, I do not have to leave the mixer right in front of any naked eyes.

heavey duty mixer lift rev a shelf mixer lift that goes into cabinet

8- Hidden Dish Draining Closet

I bet you have one of those dish draining that you would place near to your sink, right? No worry, 98% of people do that until they see this hidden dish draining closet.

I suggest you head to dornob for a detailed history on this ingenious design. With this draining system install, you not only save extra space in your kitchen but also save time to store these plates away. Cooh, eh.

hidden dish draining closethidden dish drying closet ingenious design by Maiju Gebhard

9- Use this wall-mounted cabinet for your dried stuff

This wall mounted cabinet is produced by Ella’s kitchen, a space-saving kitchen storage company. It is quite costly in my view but for a rich family, this is a great added storage tool that can save you extra space. It is also a neatly designed cabinet.

large kitchen cabinet by Ella for spice and drie stuff
each of the 12 pourable scoop containers hold the equivalent of a large bag of dry cooking ingredients. The nine glass bottles with aluminium lids help make this a perfect pantry for baking ingredients and spices. You will be amazed at how your kitchen cupboards are freed up for other items.



Finally, thank you for taking the time to browse through these 9 kitchen storage tool that you can use to instantly make extra space and declutter your kitchen. Now, go on and tell me which of the tools specified here that you like?


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