8 cheap outdoor party lighting ideas you need to know

This week, many countries in Southeast Asia celebrate their new year. Just like the Christian celebrating Christmas and the Hindu celebrating deepavali. During this period, they tidy their homes and put up some lighting to welcome the new year. For those who enjoy living in private homes, they would normally light up their backyard with string light while those who live in the apartment or condo, they may light up their veranda.People would then gather together in a small village’s back year and party throughout the evening. Through this inspiration, let’s explore the cheap outdoor party lighting ideas you can implement right now.

1- Awesome string light around fire pit

In case your house has a fire pit at your backyard, consider putting up the string light around the pit area. Light them up and remember to add the cozy chairs around it. To finish the touch, remember to bring along some mash mellow 🙂

outdoor fire pit with string light for party
Via: awesome outdoor fire pit with string light. Amazing stuff for the party evening for large house.

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2- Outdoor string light under a tree

You have a tree at your backyard? How about lighting them up and put up a seating area with table. It is ideal for small party as some of you could sit down for a chit chat under the light up tree.
The photo below was taken from New York Time in 2013 where it showcases a home of a couple where it was designed to look like an exclusive nightclub.

backyard string light for party goer
Via: awesome outdoor fire pit with string light. Amazing stuff for the party evening for large house.

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3- Battery Powered String Light in a bottle

If you’re a big fan of a simple party, considering getting one of these battery powered string light in a bottle. with a dozen of these, you can in fact light them up and place them on the table. Alternatively you can place them to serve as the pathway leading to your party area.

outdoor table party light
Learn to make homemade outdoor lighting by using the material you already have at home such as wine bottle or mason jar. And of course, you would need simple light string like in this photo.

Cheapest battery powered light for bottle


4- Pathway Lighting for Party

Sometime, it is good idea to put some effort into the peaceful party. Look at this diy fire pit and evening lighting idea, you will see how one can transform a dull backyard to an interesting evening getaway. If you are planning the party, why not adding two wireless speakers to each sides of the fire pit. Likewise, to make the evening more pleasant, remember to install the LED path lighting to illuminate the way. Oh yes, if you live in an area that is infested by mosquito, how about adding some citronella torch to repel those bad ass mosquito that could destroy your party evening.

party outdoor lighting concept
via: diy fire pit with curvy pathway and string light.

Where to buy these pathway light cheap: http://cheapestoutdoorlighting.com

5- Backyard lighting on the wall

Do you have a house that is enclosed with the wall, why not adding some lighting on top of these wall just like the photo below:

backyard lighting on the wall

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6- Rustic Hanging Mason Jar Candle Holders

For the classic look, hanging these mason jar candle holders onto the tree. These Mason jar remind me of my childhood memory. During the Halloween season my mom would light up the candles and place them into these jars. They look amazing! That is why for the evening subtle party, consider placing these mason jar candle holders – see below for the idea:

mason jar candle lighting on the tree
via: simple diy candle jar to be hang underneath the tree

For an added decorated mason jar, try this DIY to add a festive season effect. Or try this if you want to make a interior mason jar lighting instead.

7- outdoor lighting under a kiosk

This is for those who has an outdoor structure where one can sit or enjoy the evening. Just see the photo below for the idea.

evening party string and path lighting

8- outdoor pathway lighting with rope light

Rope light or also known as tube light is an amazing lighting for an outdoor project. They are amazing for three reasons: weather resistant, energy efficiency and incredibly easy to install. Just take a look at this DIY project to get an idea yourself.

Rope Light Walkway

Final thought

I count myself lucky to have a backyard. I usually light up during the Christmas every year. However, this year, I definitely want to decor more beautifully using one of these cheap method. And well, in case you have a bigger event, perhaps try to rent the party lighting from the specialist instead.

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19th century lombernyj table from Russia for Sale

As you probably know, I like to browse through various facebook group. For example, three months a go, I manage to unearth this german doll which was shared in one of my favourite vintage group. Earlier this morning, when I tried to go through various facebook group invite, I chanced upon a lombernyj table for sale by Elena Sedova. I fell in love with it immediately and decide to share my finding here. It would be an ideal fit for any classic home.

This Russian style table is made from solid wood. Below is the completed description of this

Oak lombernyj table. Based on the 19th century Russian antique furniture
P. 15,000-G. Available at Kineshma, Ivanovo region. This is a strong table made in russian style. It has never been restored and hence you get the original sense of this soviet style table. Size: 93 cm by 78 cm by 46 cm. The seller can deliver to Moscow.

antique russian online furniture store

Russian antique furniture for sale

While you could buy the above antique table from the Facebook group here, there are time when you want to find other discounted furniture such as chair or salon to go along with. And that is the reason why, I would recommend to source them through ebay instead – click the link below for more Russian furniture design for sale at a deep discounted price.

Photo of 19th century Russian classic table

Without further a do, please enjoy the detailed photos of this soviet table.

detailed wooden table from Russia
a very detailed and curvy art vintage russian style. You can also check this wooden chest if you like antique style furniture.
inside of Lomberny table
I could not believe that this 19th century russian style desk has an interior drawer! It add another layer of functionality. Look to buy vintage file cabinet? click here.
19th century russian table for sale
A classical russian desk for sale. A view from the front among other furniture.

Russian style 19th century table for sale lombernyj table from Russia view from side lombernyj table from Russia detailed view from front

Final thought

If you are a big fan of antique style furniture, one place to buy the is the thrift store or sky market where you can get a lot of better deal for less.

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7 awesome Ways to Enhances Productivity at work you need to know

Singapore is not very far from Indonesia. I went to Singapore from time to time to chill out as I appreciate the clean air and large shopping center. Besides, there is an ikea shop located in the east side of the Country. While I do not really purchase directly from Ikea (instead, I usually buy cheap office chairs in Singapore via many online store), I like visiting it for inspiration. Besides the home decoration, I also like to explore office design and office productivity tips. This is because the general state of our office workspace will also influence the  personal productivity at work. Working in a messy and cluttered situation in most of the times creates negative energy. It also disturbs the concentration at work.On the other hand, a good uncluttered workspace enhance your productivity at work. You see, most of the day, you work on a computer. Therefore, your workstation should motivate you to stay productive. An office workspace, which is highly organized provides excellent benefits. For that reason, today I am bringing to you the seven strategies to enhance productivity in the workplace.

einstein famous quote for cluttered desk
“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” famous motivational poster quotes by Albert Einstein

1. Empty Your Office from Clutter

Every important change initiates with an expulsion. Shred, empty, get rid of all the things which are not important for your productivity. You can declutter your workspace also. You also require to acquired some inspiration from various websites, Pinterest, magazines to creates the type of work space which you want to make. At a time, keep your entire focus on one area. Remove the non-essential files and the furniture from the office. Also, classify various items in various categories according to their uses. Purge your office will assist in analyzing the various items clearly, which you require to toss or retain. You need to perform this step if you want to know how to organize a messy office.

organizing an office for a small space
via: Small space Organizing with an office in a closet. This is an inspiration to declutter your office at home.

2. Arrange Labels and Colors

Select a correct color and labeling system for your office. Take some time from your busy schedule to label drawers, bins, folders and shelves. This labeling method assists you in placing items in the correct place. It will also decrease the risk of misplacing various important documents.

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3. Efficiently Utilize Containers & Storage Boxes

Storage boxes are very important for everyone (see this tip for better kitchen storage ideas for instance). You can carry almost everything in containers to assist you in stay in a systematic manner. Cardboard boxes and plastic containers are useful for the cost-effective storage. For your office space invest in the durable boxes. By labeling and grouping your office items, you will get a better idea regarding placing them in the correct segments. You can also systematically organize various items. Also remember the stationery boxes, which are used for carrying your office supplies in arranged compartments.

home office storage ideas
one of the how to organize your home office tips is to use storage for folders and files like in this photo of an home office.

4. Properly Divide Your Work Zones

If you divide the work zones in a proper way, then you might find a solution for your issues. Most of the times our work needs various tools and spaces to assist trigger a good output. You need to systematically divide your work zones into a non-computer based work space and the computer work station. In few cases, you might require to stay aside from the work based on the computer.
It also assists you in removing the distractions. It might contains scanning documents, papers signing, writing to put your thoughts together and writing on paper etc. if you have only one desk, then it can also use your work area to receive the best output you want.


5. Rightly Arrange the Accessories in the Desk

The best method to stay productive is by organizing your desk systematically. You can arrange everything such as trays, files, laptop, and stationery. You can also use few of your storage and plastic organizers. For arranging your pens, you don’t require the costly stationery tray. Use small and big storage boxes as per your use. It also enhances your workspace beauty.

before and after decluttering of an office space
This is the before and after of how to organize my office at work

6. Arrange Your Desktop/Laptop

The content on your laptop or desktop computer also have an impact on your life and work output. Arrange and declutter your laptop or desktop computer by removing those software, pictures and folders which you don’t require. Arrange your work into various folders and make use of calendars and the sticky notes. These work efficiency tips will assist you in staying productive at work.

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7. Get Inspirational Indications

To motivate yourself at work, use inspirational reminders at work. For example, you can think about placing posters to an inspirational area or wall. It will remind yourself about your dreams and goals. Perhaps consider buying these inspirational quotes posters from amazon and place in on your office wall would help. Well, as we are working in a team, it is a good ideas to put up the teamwork posters for office as well.


team work - motivational posters amazon
“Tough times dont last Tough Teams Do” this is an example of motivational posters amazon that you can buy online. Click here to buy now.
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Final Thought

I’d like to conclude by saying that in addition to the above awesome tips to increase the office productivity, nothing beat the healthy lifestyle. Therefore, exercise regularly, eat balanced and nutritious diet. Perform meditation and think positively. All these things will enhance your productive during the work. During the office time, focus only on your work. Don’t waster your time in office politics. Good luck!


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3 exterior renovation that will improve value of your home

I am a happy home owner since almost 10 years now. As my family grows, naturally I am considering selling my house for a bigger version. Naturally, before putting my house for sale, I am thinking of renovating it first. Like most of you, I am thinking of upgrading the kitchen or bathroom. In fact, these are the areas which traditionally add the most value to your home as reported by domain.com.au. However, when I do more and more research, I’d like to share 3 ways to increase house value through outdoor renovation projects on budget i.e. without breaking your bank.

australia luxurious home driveway

Upgrading the Facade

If you stop for a moment and look at the outside of your home you might be surprised to see how tired it has become. A fresh coat of paint every 5 years is enough to keep your home looking okay. But, this doesn’t always deal with the cracking rendering and the general ‘shabby’ feel of your home.

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Fortunately you can use a CGS facade system to cover your home in a wide variety of materials. These include PVC-U (Polyvinyl Chloride Un-plasticised), wood or even sheet metal; the choices are virtually unlimited.

before and after brick house exterior makeover australia
exterior house remodel before and after .via

The advantage of this approach is that it will transform the look of your home. Instantly it will appear like a well looked after and loved home. The added street appeal will make a significant difference to the value of your home. You’ll also find it requires much less maintenance than painting your property!

beautiful home improvement tips for Australian
best home improvements to increase value by upgrading the exterior of your home like in this Australian home makeover
beautiful australian home improvement tips
This is one of the best Australian house exterior facelift

Renovate your dirty Driveway


You probably pull into your driveway every night without a second thought. What you may not realize is that the driveway can make a huge difference to the value and appeal of your home. Instead of a tired, worn surface you should consider replacing it with a modern permeable surface. Not only is this environmentally friendly but it will be stunning to look at. In the same way that cladding adds appeal and value, so too will anew driveway.

Put simply this all shows a house that is well looked after and one that doesn’t need any work doing. This adds to the value.

driveway renovation project in Australia

Add an Extension

The third option is more expensive but can see the greatest increase in the value of your home. The type of extension you undertake will depend on the funds you have available and the space in your yard. Loft conversions are relatively straightforward, comparatively cheap and can provide two or three extra rooms in your home.

In contrast, adding an extension to the side or behind your home can be more costly due to the level of work doing. However, this could create the extra space you need to make it an excellent family home. Or, you could even create the perfect annex for aging relatives.

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Final Thought

In additional to renovate the interior of your house, the above three ideas will certainly add value to your property.

While these methods can all add value, this will be limited to an extent by the neighborhood you live in. Your house will need to be in keeping with the style of home and affluence of your area. If it isn’t the increase value of your home can never be realized.

exterior facade upgrade in australia
The exterior renovations before and after . Beautiful exterior facade upgrade in Australia

And voila, my home improvement tips and ideas on how to find cheap ways to increase home value.

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4 Easy Steps to Take for a Kitchen Renovation by Yourself

As mentioned in this post, certain exterior renovations will add value to your home considerably. Depending on the type of projects you undertake, it may not be a good ROI for home improvement project. Alternatively, you should also think about these easy kitchen makeover ideas. In fact, the kitchen is often seen as the heart of the home. It is where some of the best family experiences happen and the place people tend to congregate during gatherings.

This is why it is so important to have a kitchen that you feel comfortable in. However with the average cost of a kitchen renovation currently sitting at $17,000 this is an expensive option that not everyone can afford. Fortunately it is possible to undertake a kitchen renovation yourself!

small kitchen remodels before and after
small kitchen remodels before and after photo of an australian home

Customizing the cupboards

The first thing to understand is that you need to plan ahead on how you would like to see your kitchen. Go to pinterest and be inspired with these kitchen design ideas. One unique way, I recently found is to have a local kitchen joinery firm custom build the cupboards for me. While it could be a costly affair, the custom made wooden cupboards by joinery firm would last a very long time. Besides, this offers the advantage of cupboards that will fit exactly into the space you have available. You can also choose the finish and the arrangement of space inside each unit.

kitchen remodeling ideas pictures
kitchen remodeling ideas pictures – this is very classic black and white kitchen decor for tiny space

While this will cost more than purchasing kitchen units from a local store, you will save a great deal on fitting. Current estimates suggest fitting in Australia ,for example, is as much as $27.50 per square meter.

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Designing Concept

The most important of completing a kitchen renovation yourself is to take your time planning the kitchen. If you have a large room this does not mean you need to fill it all! You need to consider what units you really need, where you would most like your sink, hob and oven to be. The rest of the kitchen should flow between these points and the refrigerator.

It is advisable to draw your design on paper, measuring accurately as you do so. You can then transfer it to a design program which many kitchen supplies firms will allow you to access. This will allow you to visualize the finished kitchen before you purchase anything!

tiny kitchen before and after photos
tiny kitchen before and after photos – as seen on apartment therapy

Preparing The Area

Once you have decided on your preferred design you’ll be able to get it ordered. It can take 6 – 8 weeks for your kitchen to be built and delivered and you won’t be able to do much until near the delivery date.


Once the units are with you it will be time to gut your current kitchen. This means removing all the cupboards and appliances to inspect the wall surfaces you are left with. It’s a good idea to put a few basic appliances in another room to allow you to cook some meals! You will then have the opportunity to repair any wall damage you find. You may also need to relocate plumbing and electrical fixtures. This is the best time to do this!

small kitchen remodeling ideas on a budget
small kitchen remodeling ideas on a budget – as seen on zillow

Fitting Your New Kitchen

Now that you have prepared the surfaces and have the electrical and water pipes where you need them you can slide your new cupboards into place. Don’t forget that they need to be secured to the walls. You’ll then need to add work surfaces to the tops of the cupboards. Don’t forget the hob and sink will need holes in your work surfaces; cut these out carefully with a template!

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You can then add finishing touches and put all your items back into your new cupboards!

Final thought

How to renovate a kitchen yourself is a question asked by one reader. I hope the above four steps would help you to kick start on whether you would want to undertake the renovation project by yourself or to seek professional help.

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Amazing 101 tiny houses you can buy right now

Recently, I became obsessed with minimalist living and cluttered free lifestyle. That is why I research more and more on tiny house. In fact, 3 months a go, I published this article on small wooden home in Canada which attracted quite a bit of interested viewers. Likewise, if you have been to Cambodia before, you may also notice a big movement on container night market. Considering all these interests, it only makes sense to share with you these 101 tiny houses both inside and outside that you can be inspired from.

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Benefits of living in tiny home

The movement of people from rural area seeking a better job in the city has became a trend in many developing countries. While the size of the city is the same, the demanding of housing is increasing. Those people mostly live on their own or share accommodation with few other people. The increase in the demand of housing increases the cost of the house. Hence more and more women and men has chosen to live in a smaller space – or “People Living Alternatively”.

tiny house in colorful design

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The benefits of staying in small house with family includes the following:

  • Lesser cost of living.
  • Easy to clean and maintain. It is obvious isnt it? when you live in a tiny house of 400sqft there is just so much clutter you accumulate. Likewise when you need to paint your house, you dont need to take a week to do it!
  • More intimate and connect family together i.e. you can spend more time seeing your family.
  • More ecological friendly. This is one of the most cited reason why people would go tiny: living a sustainable lifestyle. Because they are so small, these houses require much less energy consumption overall namely cooling during summer, heating during summer and lighting a small space is always easier than keeping up with a sprawling layout. Furthermore, if you decide to install some solar panels on the roof, it further reduces your carbon footprint.

And of course, to the contrary of the economical benefit of living in a small house, it does come with challenges. Among them would be you have lesser space for doing thing, at times, you could get stressed out easily due to tiny space around you. Hence, one needs to strike the balance when deciding to stay in a tiny home.

tiny houses you can buy right now

Strategy for big family in little house

Now that we know the benefits and costs of staying in tiny house, it is time to strike the balance and find what work for you to live in a small space, especially for large family. Here are some ideas:

How to build a tiny house on a budget1- Consider functional

For bed, avoid large bed or circle bed. Instead, bed that can be fold up, such as murphy bed is excellent idea. When it comes to kitchen corner, you may consider add extra shelves to your cupboard (see this tips for space saving ideas). Otherwise, just buy this kitchenette unit for your small studio apartment.

Whereas for your bathroom, forget the bathtub. Consider one of these tiny standing shower instead. Like my previous house, I had one large bathroom with a heart shape bathtub. It turned out to be a challenge to maintain it , in addition to the costly affair. Instead, now I have installed a simple shower. It proves to be effective in cutting cost and saving further space for other use.

2- What about Clothes?

Yes for large family living in tiny house, it is going to be challenging when it comes to clothing. That is why, living less is important. Do you need to have 10 different winter sweaters when you just need two, perhaps? The other idea is to consider donating them to an organization that you support or store them in these storage bench. In fact, you do not necessary need dresser space, instead you can keep the children or baby clothes under bed storage containers.

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3- Put up wall hangers for extra storage

Living in a tiny apartment , here I refer to the space of 1,000 square feet or less, requires thoughtful purchase. Do not spend unnecessary on items you dont need. Instead, you can pick up some tools and do things yourself. One of the projects I propose you do is to put up hooks on the wall (see this post for ideas on diy key holder). You can hangs clothes, keys or even letters on these wall hangers. This will keep your home cleaner and cluttered free.

pretty tiny house nearby the lake

4- Consider IKEA

I love IKEA for its functional furniture for home that you can buy off the shelf. Just take a look at this post, you will understand what I mean by Ikea saves you extra space! So just head to Ikea for their in-store display for great inspiration for frugal living.

Tiny house exterior design

Alright, it is time to find real inspiration for small house design. So below are some of the greatest design for tiny house that you can build or buy.

single level tiny house in England
This is the single level tiny house in Whitesand Bay, UK. It has outstanding view of the atlantic ocean. In fact you can rent it over a weekend to experience the life on a single level small home here.
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Tiny houses prefab

Beside building your own small house, how about thinking of buying one of the prefab instead? In other words, consider these pre-built tiny houses for sale It comes fully functional – most of them could be quite ugly from the outside but others can be further customized to make it so lovely. If you are living in a state where you could get your hand on the tiny prefab house kits it would be really cheap to build one yourself.

greenpod prefab waterhaus award winning tiny house
This is the WaterHaus prefab modular pod homes by GreenPod. Want to know the greenpod waterhaus cost ? click here

freedomky single level prefab tiny house by Czecko architect
Freedomky 2 plus one bedroom prefab tiny living

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Now let’s turn our attention to this Chile’s cabin made in a rectangular shape. It consists of just single level for easy maintenance. The total size of this tiny home is just 30 square meters. According to the report on archdaily.com, the creator thinks about technical possibilities of construction with greater control, faster and cheaper. He had a fantastic experiences in using reusable panels for this residence in Santo Domingo, Chile. Nonetheless, prefabricated techniques require some industrial processes related to the commercial markets, which represent a limit in themselves when reducing construction costs. Because of this, the architect decided to work on “low-tech” projects. It is common to find reasonable price material and manpower to construct such the cabin.

cabin tiny home from Chile
The prefab tiny houses cabins cottages are built from the available material around town of Santo Domingo, Chile.

single floor cabin in Santo Domingo chile

micro home on foundatiaon by Natalie Pollard
This is Natalie Pollard’s mico house on foundation. Enough is enough and yet very small luxury homes can be built from scratch too see this home from Natalie as an example of luxurious living. via 
tiny wheeled house
This tiny wheeled house can be rent out via airbnb.

beaches tiny houses on wheel

Now that you have been inspired with these exterior photos of the tiny cottage, how about the interior of these mini houses? See below.

Tiny house interior ideas

Ok, time to see how the interior looking look like for these tiny houses shall we?

tiny house interior ideas for a single level studio
This is the Freedomky modern prefab dwelling by a Czech Republic architecture.

tiny house on wheeled interior photo from the bedroom

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The nest tiny house phoenix for rent the interior of a glass pane tiny house

tiny house interior design for the beach


Getting enough of these micro house yet? It is time to explore how you can build your self using the ready kits or the floor plans – see below

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101 tiny houses you can diy right now

Tiny house floor plans ideas

In case you are interested to see this tiny house floor plans , check the photo below which is the courtesy of the GreenPod Development. The floor plan looks simple enough for any person who like to do it yourself.

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tiny house floor plans by GreenPod Development
This is the tiny house floor plans for the WaterHaus award wining tiny home on foundation.


Freedomky tiny house single level floor plans
This is a Freedomkey Tiny House Single level floor plans – just something to think about if you want to build your own tiny studio.


cabin house plan from chile
A conceptual micro house in Chile.

Conclusion Remark

Instead of diy, consider buying these ready made cabin kits for your next micro home. These tiny houses for sale are available from renown builder in Amazon. Rest assure of the quality.

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8 feng shui tips you can do right now

I have recently fallen in love with minimalist lifestyle. In my opinion, minimalist living refers to those who like to live with lesser and lesser thing. You can think of it as back to the basic. In other words, it is almost like living back to the stone age where we dont need many materialistic stuff to stay happy. In this concept, one just need real basic stuff to live in a harmonious world i.e. one follows the lowest rank of the Maslow of Hierarchy of needs. If you can do that, I can tell you that your home would have a harmonious energy. So what is Fenghsui, you asked!

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art that tries to establish the relationship between your living space and the quality of your life. It suggests that what your living area looks like determines or depicts your life, and so tries to effectively create a balance between both. In Feng Shui, it is said that all objects possess some kind of energy called “chi” and that this chi can bring luck and opportunities to you. The whole idea is that moving things around in your home can change your life by changing the energy around it.

feng shui tag cloud with lots of energy

Use the following basic feng shui tips to improve energy of your home.

Keep the front door open:

By opening the front door, feng shui proposes that positive energy which might have been blocked by a closed door, will flow into your home. You can go a step further by putting a red flower or any red beautiful accent on front door to allow energy and fortune to flow in. Well, this would only work for those living in a quiet apartment or residential complex. So if you are living in a crowded area, consider other method as explained below.


My number one rule to frugal living is to live cluttered free. All items stuffed up somewhere within the home sucks up the energy, according to feng shui. Clutters can affect your physical body and mental state and so, the home should be decluttered as often as possible. This would mean removing trash often, make your bed after you wake up and donate items you no long need them.

feng shui how to declutter your home quick

Create Color Balance:

Wood, earth, water, fire and metal are five very important elements that should be represented in your home space. This will create a balance between your life and your environment. Examples of ways you can achieve this is to incorporate colors in your home that stand for the five elements. Black is for water, green for wood, red for fire, yellow, tan or brown represent earth and white symbolizes metal.

Incorporate Nature:

Decorate your home with natural items like bamboo, stones and rocks or simply open doors to let natural light and air in. You can use paintings of nature to decorate your walls. Nature generally brings a sense of calmness and reduces anxiety having more natural elements in a simple home will make it seem peaceful.

Trap the positive energy:

Stop runaway chi from sipping through your home and out through openings. Do this by using home furniture, cushions and doors to make chi run around the home in meandering patterns, spreading positive energy. One tip as the Chi master used to refer to is to have a round edge furniture, this include round table, round bed, curved sofa etc.

Feng Shui tips to frugal living

Strategize where to place family pictures:

According to the feng shui belief, family photos shouldn’t just be placed anywhere in the home. The bedroom shouldn’t have portraits of family members other than you and your spouse because it is a very intimate part of the home. It might cause you to worry about your obligations, making your mind to be uneasy. These family portraits of kids and relatives should be put in other areas of the house such as the living room or dining room.

Decorate your home with Living plants:

Use natural plants instead of synthetic ones to decorate your kitchen, dining area (to beckon on abundance), entrance space and other strategic areas of the home. A living plant in the family room will also help draw good health and connection to the family.

feng shui your home the easy way

Use bright lightning:

Place bright bulbs and lightning sources around the home to make it look bright and lively. Objects that emanate some certain kind of light that make you feel good should be placed in visible areas around the home. Bear in mind that bright wattage directly affects the cleanliness and clarity of your veins and arteries.

Final thought

Living a minimalist lifestyle requires a lot of patience and organization skills. One needs to refrain from impulse buying and have a plan in his or her mind on how to organize their home. Using these feng shui basics outline in this post could help kick start your steps to become a minimalist.

8 feng shui tips you can implement right now


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Waterproofing Basement Walls DIY Tips

My house has received a lot of snow this year. My outside basement wall has been showing sign of deteriorating. The dark seal has some patches on them which is a tale sign that the waterproofing may not longer hold. Therefore, I am in need of renovate my basement walls from the outside. These tasks, while can be done by myself would requires professional helps. In all, below are some tips to diy the basement walls seal.

To begin you should assess the problem and get the professional help. In any cases, it is imperative to check for mold and have them removed. If the basement walls remain dry but are not waterproofed, there is a good chance that you may be able to simply take care of the walls yourself. In walls that have cracks, leaking, or seepage there are other tasks that should be performed before the waterproofing.Each of these conditions may require a different approach and may require the attention of a professional. Once your basement walls are not leaking and have no cracks you can probably begin preparation for the process of waterproofing basement walls.

how to waterproofing a basement wall

The waterproofing mix that you choose should have specific instructions and it is best to follow those carefully, but there are some common steps that will likely be included in your specific instructions.

Waterproofing basement walls is similar to painting Process

You may need to remove the paint from the basement walls before beginning. Once this is complete you may begin by moistening the walls. The walls should be damp but absent of standing water. Other waterproofing products require a dry surface. Some may prefer to mix their own coat using cement and water.

You will apply the mixture to the wall, rubbing it into the wall with a brush. The idea is to fill every pore and focus on the areas where leaking, cracking and seeping were a problem before filling and repair. It is recommended to apply the coating at the bottom of the wall first since this is typically where water pressure is the highest.

Work to the top and then work back down continually applying more layers. When the problem areas have been completely covered allow it to dry. When it is dried soak it with water and let it set overnight. The next day wet it thoroughly again and apply a second coat while that wall is wet.

painting basement wall coating the 2nd time

The directions for your mix may be very different. To ensure the greatest effect it is important to follow the directions that accompany the product you choose. Two coats of all products are recommended provided that does not conflict with the instructions provided.

After the waterproofing mix is applied you may want to consider painting the walls. Verify that the mix you use is compatible with the paint that you plan on using before beginning.

Waterproofing basement walls is something that many can do on their own. The benefits include protection from basement water damage. Prevention of mold growth and other infestations along with the health benefits that these can provide.

If you have any questions you should consult a professional before beginning. Ensuring that waterproofing basement walls is done correctly the first time may save more money than not contacting a professional would have.

waterproofing basement wall from exterior

Interest to learn how to insulate basement walls properly, then this is an ideal post to get you started.

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MW works architecture – Canyon Barn Seattle Modern Architects

By chance, when I visit my favorite google+ community today: interesting architecture group , I found this modern architects which is designed by MW Works.

MW works Seattle Modern ArchitectWho is MW Work Architect?

The MW Work Architect is one of the top seattle architecture firms. It offers architectural and interior design services to residential and commercial clients. Established since 2007, the seattle architects does not employ many people. It consists of just a handful of creative staff. Its main focus is on compelling, collaborative projects of all scales.

You can contact WM Work Modern Architect at 159 Western Ave W #484, Seattle , WA 98119. Its telephone number is + 206 352 7319.

MW Work Review

Strangely, at the time of this blog post, there is one review by Becky Peng who gave 2 starts rating without additional comment. Due to this, there is a response back from MW that from their record, Becky has never been their client. For that reason, I suggest you go to their website and other view online if you want to have a clear understanding of their experience. In either case, in this post you will see more on one of their modern architecture work.

Canyon Barn Renovation Project

MW Studio restores this Canyon Barn with the intention of creating a comfortable home while retaining much of its original form, character and history i.e. a farmhouse style concept.

canyon barn renovation by MWWorks

The exterior of this mw architects’ building retains much of its original farmhouse form, but adds a deep covered porch, wide windows and doors. The structural, waterproofing and insulation requirements required the construction of a new, nearly complete building, new foundations, new framework, new cladding and weather barrier, as well as the addition of insulating.

canyon barn staircase with understair storage boxbeautiful living rooms with ceiling light

In the end, an entirely new roof structure was built on the current roof structure. Existing framing and siding were carefully removed and reused as exposed interior framing members. The kitchen island is resolutely contemporary: hot rolled steel with an ash block. The kitchen countertops are made of concrete. As a barn, lighting had not been a priority; As a living space, however, the introduction of daylight was essential. Large expanses of glass were introduced, including a trio of sliding doors.

kitchen islands in the canyon barn
This is a large kitchen islands in a Canyon Barn – newly renovated by MW Works. via . Photo by Tim Bies.

living room of canyon barn by mwworksarchitects

Final Remark on mw works canyon barn

mwworks architects is a well-known studio in the Seattle Region. Do consider them in your next renovation project. It could be worthwhile.

canyon barn renovation project by MWWorks

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Declutter 101: how to declutter your home and your life

Very few things feel better than having a junk-free home. The thought of having a well-arranged life with less stuff is so refreshing. There are so many upsides of having fewer possessions; fewer things to organize obviously and consequently, less stress and time during clean up especially for the woman who is a homemaker. Fewer items in a home also make it look clean, cozy and in fashion. Gone are the days when people kept unnecessary stuff they don’t need in their houses.

Deciding to declutter your home might seem overwhelming and tiring at first, you begin to ask yourself, where do I start from? The truth is, we cannot say the process will be entirely free from stress and work. But what we do know is that there are better ways to go junk free for your home that have proven to be fun and less stressful. These creative tips to declutter and organize are geared towards helping people who honestly do not know where to begin. These fast decluttering tips aim at those who want to know how to declutter on the budget. Below are the 4 steps to declutter your home in one week.


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how to declutter house fast
declutter fast how to get your home in order almost immediately. Learn where to start organizing your home using these decluttering tips and tricks. Via

1- Identify the Clutters

As a homemaker, before you begin taking all the stuff out, you need to clearly define what a clutter is. It is not uncommon for people to be hesitant towards letting go of things they do not need because they say to themselves, “it might be useful someday”. Often times, that day never comes, leading to more and more junk piling up. So the question now is, what is a clutter? A clutter is any item in your home that you do not need or have any use for, Decluttering or uncluttering is simply taking unnecessary stuff out in order to make room for those that matter. If you look at the stuff in your home, you will be able to use this simple definition to point out things that you really need to take out. Just a side note, some people would consider decluttering as a process towards the minimalist lifestyle.

what is clutter or cluttered definitioin

2- Set a Goal

Now that you have been able pin-point what matters in your home and what has really overstayed its welcome, the next step is goal setting. This means drawing up a plan that will make the whole process unnecessarily daunting. Part of your goal setting is to consider the time-frame i.e. would you want to declutter in one day or declutter in a month time? All this makes a difference. In fact, keeping goal will also help you keep abreast of what has been done and what is yet to be cleared. You can follow the below steps;

    • Identify and write down the cluttered spots in your home: Be sure to tackle every room, nuke and cranny.

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  • Priority which rooms to clean up first: Perhaps the first room to consider is how to declutter a bedroom. This is because bedroom is where you spend the quality night to recover for the hectic day. Next which room needs to be cleaned first shall be based on the severity of its clutter.
  • Set a deadline: This might be in hours or days depending on how much stuff need to be uncluttered. Setting a time limit serves as a reminder that you need to get things going, and on time to. It could also feel like taking up a challenge which makes it more fun. Some people would suggest the 31 days to clean the house but for me, the timeline shall be split into different chunk i.e. Short term, medium terms and long terms, which shall span from one day to 6 months.

Now that you have done with your goal setting towards minimalist living, the next step is to see which method to use. These goal setting will show you how to be a minimalist.

how to set goal for decluttering fast

3- Choose a Sorting Method

Before you get started on the selection and sorting process, it would be wise to know what method to apply to make the decluttering process faster and easier. One of the most popular methods is the three box method. In this system, you pick three boxes or three containers of your choice and label them, either mentally or physically. One of the boxes should be for stuff you want to “keep”, another for stuff you want to “get rid of” and the third for “storage”.  After the entire decluttering is over and spaces are clear, you will need to arrange all items in the “keep” box neatly where they belong.  The content of the “get rid of” box should be carried away, either for giving out or for trashing. Finally, the storage box should be carried to the storage area, to keep them from lying around.

three box method towards decluttering your life

4- Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

This is basically the main part of the whole exercise, the actual decluttering. After you have sorted all your possessions out into the three boxes, what happens to the ones you do not want anymore. Well, you have a lot of options about what to do with them.

    • Recycle them: This is especially particular to home items like glass, plastic, electronics etc. that are recyclable. You can put them in the recycle bin or take them to the nearest recycling location and drop them. This is a way of also doing your bit to ensure an eco-friendly environment.
    • Donate them: This applies to things that can still be useful, not just to you. Clothing, books and some other household items fall into this category. There are lots of charity organizations (I support salvation army)  that accept these offers and help with distributing them to homes that need them If you know someone or family that needs these items, you could also give them directly.

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  • Sell them through Garage sale: Well how about getting some extra cash from stuff that could come in handy to other people? If there’s any association nearby that helps to organize these mini-sales events, you can register to participate and make some little money from your decluttered items. Think of it as a reward for your hard work. Similar to the garage sale, you can also put them on ebay or on online classified ads.
  • Haul them away: If there’s so much garbage to be thrown out, you should really consider renting a dumpster to roll them away. Try to check with your neighbors to see if anyone needs this service too, so that the bill can be split.

5 ways to get rid of unwanted stuff fast

3 Decluttering strategies

Decluttering doesn’t have to be done in one day, just like earlier stated, it can span for days or weeks, in little bits. You can choose any of the following methods listed below to fit into your schedule, especially if you’re not up for the stress that comes from doing it all at once.

First, Focus on the Primary areas

If you usually bump into stuff near the kitchen area, clear that first. If you have trouble dressing up for work every day because your dressing table is usually crapped up and you can’t seem to find anything that should be your primary focus. Declutter places that affect you more critically everyday first, this will help lessen the burden.

Second, Start from the Front door

You can decide to plan your clean up in a way that I very organized by deciding to start from the front door of the living area and then move in, area by area until the back door leading out of the house is clear. This way you always nowhere else is left to clean up, so if you’re done with one room, you know the kitchen is next.

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Third, Do a clean sweep daily

Each day just get a trash can or bag and deposit any visible item that isn’t useful to you. This is a gradual approach to having a junk-free home. From old clothes lying around to bad kitchen utensils, cosmetic products that are long overdue, you can just trash without thinking twice.

before and after declutting using storage system
declutting strategory involves the need for tools in addition to the daily sweeping. For instance , check this under stair storage concept by Ikea or this cabniet system which helps improve the look and feel of your home tremendously.

Organizing Your Home

After sorting and decluttering, you might be wondering how to tuck the rest of the useful stuff in properly so that they remain organized and do not litter and negate your entire work. Here are some ideas on how to keep your items well organized in your home.

  • Use Baskets or Bins: You can try storing up little items like hair accessories, notebooks, brushes etc. in baskets and bins around the house. That way, they are all organized in one place instead of being littered around. These baskets come in different sizes depending on the quantity of stuff you want to store.
  • Use hanging pockets: There items are available for home use to store makeup, cards, shoes and a lot of small stuff. Using a pocket hanger makes the stuff easily reachable and easy to find.
  • Use Ottomans: Ottomans are dual purpose storage boxes. They look like cushioned tables or tools but they actually contain storage space. They help you maximize space in homes and even offices. You can put those magazines, clothes, and shoes into ottomans to help with a more organized looking space. They are also beautiful, adding a certain kind of antique to the overall look of the room.

declutter 101 how to use basket ottoman to store unwanted items

Conclusion remark on decluttering 101

Decluttering a home can be so much fun if you toss in the right tactics. Imagine a home free from all the stuff that has consistently made your life more depressing and harder. Your entire mood is affected by how your house looks and the organization of stuff in them. Take time out to declutter once in a while to keep yourself happy and feeling fulfilled. You can splatter the home with decorations like wallpapers, flowers, and accents. A change in arrangement pattern of the entire home once in a while will lift up your spirit. This has sum up my tips on becoming a minimalist and on decluttering inspiration.

how to declutter fast for minimalist lifestyle
This post shows decluttering tips for hoarders. In fact this photo is a real home for a hoader.

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