5 Secrets to Home Decorating For Your Kitchen

Let’s face it — the kitchen is the heartbeat of your home.  After all, where else do you spend the most quality time with your family, or watch your kids as they do homework at the table, or gather your friends together to enjoy your regular Poker night?

That’s why it’s so important to keep your kitchen decor looking fresh, sophisticated, and current.  But you don’t need to hire an expensive interior decorator to give your kitchen a makeover.  In fact, with a little do it yourself home decorating magic, you can brighten up your kitchen without spending a small fortune.

Try these do it yourself home decorating tips out in your kitchen to freshen it up.

1- Think of style

country flair kitchen style
Add Country flair to your kitchen to make it warmer.

Want to brighten up your kitchen with country flair?  Buy a few iron magazine racks and hang them on your kitchen wall as fruit and vegetable holders.  Make sure to assemble the fruits by color to really make an impact.  For the upcoming spring months, we recommend using lemons and limes.

How about the italian design kitchen style? The italian has very rich culture and its kitchen style is usually open space, modern and lots of light. Let’s see some examples here:

tuscany kitchen style
Tuscany kitchen style has lots of wood, curvy ceiling and warm lighting with kitchen island in the middle.

rustic italian design kitchen style

2- Consider upgrade your kitchen cupboards

Do your kitchen cupboards need an update?  Consider staining your wood kitchen cabinets for a glossy look that’s sure to please.  Remove the doors from your cupboards, sand down the wood, and use an old rag to condition the wood.  Once that’s done, use an oil-based wood stain to treat your cabinets.

classic and rustic wooden cupboard upgrade for a new kitchen

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ebony wooden rustic cupboard for kitchen

3- Add stencils for kitchen walls

Want to unleash your inner artist while updating your kitchen décor?  Not a problem: grab your stencils, pick a gorgeous paint color (if you have a white kitchen, try a pomegranate paint), and place the stencils at random throughout your kitchen. If you’re hesitant about using paint, there are plenty of stencil stickers out there that remove the fear of commitment.

beautiful stencil sticker for wall stencil for kitchen wall

4- How about colorful kitchen?

To the contrary of the popular ideas of painting the kitchen in a warm color, how about brighten it up with colorful elements? For example, you can dip all your kitchen utensils into multiple color and then hang them on the wall (see this for tips on kitchen storage), as a display for instance?

bright color kitchen wall
Be bold, bright up the kitchen through these colorful wall painting. This multiple color painting gives a feeling of a home that is in the pacific island.
lime color kitchen wall design
Lime color kitchen wall design is really good during spring 2018 for example!

colorful kitchen utensils dipping in multiple paints

large colorful kitchen design

lime and lemon kitchen decor style
2018 is a fantastic year, how about using the lemon color for your kitchen decor?

5- Try white modern countertop

Granite countertop is still the top choice for their durability and beauty. However, other surface materials are also in demand. These include limestone, soapstone, quartz and river rock. Cement and recycled glass are becoming popular as well for their environmentally friendly properties. However, in this secret to home decor for your kitchen, how about upgrading your countertops to all-white, like images below:

super white is the new fashion kitchen countertops
All white is a new fashionable kitchen design that you should consider

modern all white countertops kitchen island modern all white kitchen countertops

Conclusion Remark

Thank you for arriving until this line, by now you would uncover the five secrets to the kitchen design for your home. If you have any feedback or comment, please leave the comments in the box below.

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9 Must Have Storage Tools for Your Kitchen

I love big space and hate cluttered kitchen. People would call that a minimalist design. For me, it is for good fengshui. For that reason, today I am going to share with you the best 9 storage tools that you need to declutter your kitchen.

Why do I need to declutter my kitchen?

I am glad you asked! Who would want to return from work to face with frying pans or utensil lying on the counter top? Not me! Besides the bad look and feel of the kitchen, the cluttered space leaves a bad energy around your home. If you are like me, I am a strong believer of a good Feng Shui. I remember one day when I returned home from work to see a messy house left by my kids and my friends. That day, I could not neither eat and sleep well at all. The next day, I decided to do a spring cleaning and in an instant, in additional to the extra space in my living room and kitchen, I felt so good and light. That night, I slept like a baby. Now you see, this is a power of a clean kitchen.

cluttered kitchen is a health hazard
A messy and cluttered kitchen can leave you in bad health state. Declutter your kitchen and make an extra space in an instant by following the tips below

Now that you know the important to declutter your space, it’s time to reveal the 9 tools you can use to hack your cluttered kitchen.

1- False Front Tip-Out Trays with hinges

This is one good hack for a DIY folks. The idea here is to not leave any space in front of your sink unused. By installing one of this tip out trays, you can store soap and sponge. When not use, you can hide them all away. A neat storage tool for any kitchen I must say.

tip out trays amazon for kitchen sink

Get it here

2- Ikea Knuff Magazine File

I did not know that the Ikea Knuff Magazine holder can be used for such purpose, until I found the photo from pinterest today that blow my mind. Good by to all those aluminium foil that lies on my kitchen counter top.

magazine holder rack for tint foil

Buy it here.

3- Pull out drawer with compartment for potatoes, onion and bread

This is quite a good hack to store these messy items- see photos below to understand what I mean. For more information, click here.
pullout drawer with compartment

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4- Use hooks for measuring spoon behind the cabinet

Another tip to give an instance extra space in the kitchen is to use hooks. These hooks can be placed behind the cabinet like the photos below. As we usually use adhesive tape to put these hooks up, it is not recommended to hang heavy utensil on these hooks.

tiny hooks behind cabinet door for extra space in kitchen

Get these hooks from Amazon.

5- Use photo display ledge to maximize the pantry space

As this designer from Columbia shown us on her Ikea Hack site, it is possible to use the photo display ledge to add extra space within the cabinet. I cannot agree more to that! As time goes by, we keep on stocking more and more cooking stuff and indeed it can be challenging just to find the salt tin! As such, I highy recommend this kitchen hack.

kitchen hack using photo display ledge for maximize pantry space

Go here to buy these photo display ledge.

6- Use magnetic knife strip for metal utensils

I admit, I used to see these magnetic stripe in Ikea store. However, I have never bother to install one. Having said that, these stripes are very powerful and cool if we blend well with the overall interior design. I would recommend you try these out.

magnetic knife strip ikea hack for kitchen

7-  Install an appliance lift that is hidden in the cabinet

This is a must have for any home owner. Personally, I love to bake and hence installing one of these appliance lift is a good idea. Beside, I do not have to leave the mixer right in front of any naked eyes.

heavey duty mixer lift rev a shelf mixer lift that goes into cabinet

8- Hidden Dish Draining Closet

I bet you have one of those dish draining that you would place near to your sink, right? No worry, 98% of people do that until they see this hidden dish draining closet.

I suggest you head to dornob for a detailed history on this ingenious design. With this draining system install, you not only save extra space in your kitchen but also save time to store these plates away. Cooh, eh.

hidden dish draining closethidden dish drying closet ingenious design by Maiju Gebhard

9- Use this wall-mounted cabinet for your dried stuff

This wall mounted cabinet is produced by Ella’s kitchen, a space-saving kitchen storage company. It is quite costly in my view but for a rich family, this is a great added storage tool that can save you extra space. It is also a neatly designed cabinet.

large kitchen cabinet by Ella for spice and drie stuff
each of the 12 pourable scoop containers hold the equivalent of a large bag of dry cooking ingredients. The nine glass bottles with aluminium lids help make this a perfect pantry for baking ingredients and spices. You will be amazed at how your kitchen cupboards are freed up for other items.



Finally, thank you for taking the time to browse through these 9 kitchen storage tool that you can use to instantly make extra space and declutter your kitchen. Now, go on and tell me which of the tools specified here that you like?


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Imaginative Contemporary Design Ideas in Natural Seclusion

The Villa Amanzi is an elite luxurious villa located in Phuket, Thailand. In fact the exact location of this hotel is on Kata Noi Hill which is a 2 minute walk from the beach.  The villa is available for reservation via booking.com . Well, do enjoy these exclusive photo of the most imaginative photos of the Phuket villa Amanzi

Villa Amanzi exterior photo

Below are photos from an exterior of the premise. Most of them are shot using a drone. While the building was first appeared on the net in 2011, I have updated this post by introducing new photos that emerge throughout the year.

Imaginative Contemporary Design Ideas

Imaginative Contemporary Design Ideas
Bird eye view of the Villa Amanzi Phuket

Imaginative Contemporary Design Ideas

Imaginative Contemporary Design Ideas

Villa Amanzi interior photo

even a space for baby cot
This contemporary designed boutique hotel has a bedroom for baby and children as well.
villa amanzi interior of bedroom
A large bedroom overlooking the sea is awaiting you.

bathroom in the villa Amanzi

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Contemporary interior decor that will unclutter your space

Do you feel as though the interior of your home is too cluttered? Is your interior design starting to feel as though it’s a bit too ornate and complicated? If so, it may be time to think about choosing contemporary décor style for your home.

This type of décor tends to create a feeling of space and openness. It’s also popular with many people who are buying a new home, which means having modern decoration stylemcan make it easier to sell your property, should you decide to put in on the market. So, what constitutes contemporary design, and what sort of ideas can you put to use when changing the décor in your home.

What is contemporary decor in a property?

beautiful living room in a contemporary style

There are certain factors which go together to create temporary decor in a property. Clean lines, open plan living and the use of natural materials all feature heavily. Homes with contemporary décor are normally decorated using neutral colors. Ornaments and wall decoration are kept to a minimum. It’s all about living an uncluttered life which features plenty of light and space. For instance, you may want to opt for simple and straight lined storage in your bedroom, as well as wooden flooring, and indirect lighting. You may even want to buy a new bed and mattress with a simple design; check out thesleepjudge.com for inspiration.

beautiful contemporary living room

Contemporary interior décor ideas

You can see what it means to decorate your home in a modern manner. Now, here are some ideas to help spark your imagination.

contemporary room with plant
super clean contemporary interior design style in a living room with two plant
  • Choose furniture that has clean and straight lines, with no curves or fussy decoration.
  • Choose neutral colors for decorating throughout. You can add a splash of color with a rug, or a picture that suits your personality, but do not overdo it. Stick to using wood, vinyl or tiles for the floors of your home.
  • Natural materials such as glass, metal and stone are excellent additions to a contemporary design. You can use them in the creation of counter-tops or staircases, for instance.
  • Do not be afraid to use plants as part of a contemporary design. As long as you do not create a whole indoor forest, the design can actually benefit from the natural green shades. There are also health benefits to be had from placing plants around your home.
  • If you want to add quirky design and color to your decor, do it sporadically. It’s also a good idea to do it by using items that can be swapped around, such as table lamps.
scandinavian living room with plant
via Tepilo

Hopefully, you have been inspired by at least some of these tips.


uncluttered contemporary interior design

Creating a good decor for your home, is not a complicated process. In fact, the main ethos of modern design is to keep things simple. It’s all about having a home which is free from cluttered spaces, and complicated decoration, and which feels spacious. You also need to ensure that you make good use of natural light, in order to complete the contemporary feel.


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3 simple Tips for bed arrangement for a small space

The following tips target single person or someone who has a young adolescent kids. Bed arrangement is not always evident, especially in a small bedroom. Either there is a space constraint or you simply run out of ideas on how to improve the living space. By following the three simple steps here, you will make your small single bedroom more livable.

Place bed right next to the wall

For a small single bedroom, it is advisable you place the bed along side of the longest wall. That way you will leave space for other purpose. Well, simply put you do not have other choice. Here the idea is to conserve as much space as you can while you need to use your creative mind to placing furniture accordingly to suit the void space.

single bed arrangement right next to the wall

wooden single bed along side wall arrangement
A cozy single bed in a small space – ideal for single.
smart space for a single room arrangement
Yet another perspective to a single bed arrangement in a small space.


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Fatboy bean bag Review

very cute bean bag

Living in a house with an outdoor space? Then you will enjoy the summer sun while sitting comfortably in these fatboy bean bags. What is a fatboy bean bag? Well, we define it as a big bag filled with PVC pellets or small pieces. Its cover is typically made from leather or plastic. A smaller size bean bag is usually called a hacky-sack, while a bigger size can be used as a working chair or a relaxing seat. One of the main features of a bean bag chair is that it can be used outdoors because it is weather proof.

So, what can you do with a bean bag? Well, many things. For example, the inflatable bean bag can be used to replace a chair and can be brought with you to a camping site without much effort. Likewise, a larger size bag can be used as a bed. Yes, you can even sleep on a bean bag –> see the photo to the right? can you spot this cute woman sleep in the bean couch?


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Now that you know what a bean bag is and what you can do with it, you may be looking for a cheap bean bag for your garden.   Well, look no further as I reveal to you several of the best bean bag chairs you can buy on Amazon.

>>> This page from Amazon has many different style, size and price of any bean bag by FatBoy <<<

The cheapest bean bag by FatBoy

I found online that the cheapest, yet most reliable lounge chair is the Lamzac USA by FatBoy. At the current time, the price of this chair is just well below 50$. It is made from a strong and durable material and can hold up to 440 pounds. The seller will also give away a carrying bag. One of its main features is that it can repel dirt and moisture and hence the maintenance is very low for this type of lamzac bag.

Before buying any product, you should read the full reviews. Among my research, some people have had difficulty in blowing up this lamzac lounge chair. But rest assured that it is going to be fun once you get the hang of it and you will be able to inflate this chair in no time.

lamzac usa inflatable bag
Summer or Winter, you can always bring Lamzac USA inflatable bag and enjoy the sun and view!

The original blue Fatboy bean bag

As the name states, this is the original of fatboy bean bag. This original fatboy lounge bag is created by Finnish designer named Jukka Setala. It is suitable for an office, dorm or family rooms. It measures 70 inches long by 55 inches wide. This bag is ideal for reading, watching TV, relaxing and cuddling with your significant other.

the blue original fatboy bean bag

The fatboy point stonewashed (A point bean bag for less than 100$)

This is an amazing bag for less than 100$. In fact, as of now, I checked Amazon and it costs just at 89$, which is very affordable considering the well known brand!.

This point stonewashed is a bit small though as it is measured at 14 inches high with 20 inches in diameters. The inside is filled with virgin polystyrene beads while the exterior fabric is soft, durable and made from 100 per cent stonewashed cotton and hence its name Fatboy point stonewashed.

fatboy point stonewashed

Conclusion Remark

Bean bags are very versatile. Furthermore, the product is more and more affordable nowadays and hence buying one is highly recommended.

Oh, and did you check the fatboy transloetje review yet?

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Japanese Style Outdoor Cedar Hot Tubs

Japanese Style Outdoor Cedar Hot Tubs
Japanese Style Outdoor Cedar Hot Tubs

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Indoor hot tubs are good, but outdoor hot tubs are amazing. Mostly, outdoor bathtubs are made from Japanese cypress, marble or granite, while indoor tubs may be made with tile, acrylic glass or stainless steel.

Outdoor cedar wood hot tubs have several advantages. The extra depth, length and width allow any size body to soak in a completely natural relaxed position.

There is plenty space for two people having a romantic pleasure with outdoor views under the wide sky. Besides, hot tubs that made from cedar wood provide a natural insulating value that cannot be found in regular plastic, marble or any others bathtubs.

rectangular japanese wooden hot tub
A rectangular wood fired hot tub for two person. I wonder where can I buy these cedar tub?

Cedar is not only features an amazing look but also a very aromatic scent. If have a free space in your backyard you won’t regret buying such hot tub.

History of Cedar Barrel Hot Tub

The japanese people have used the hot tub culture since years a go. These “ofuros” ,historically, the japanese would take a shower before entering into these Barrel hot tub. It is a place to relax in a luke warm water. These wood fired hot tubs is still quite new to the USA and hence not many people know about these types of hot tub yet.


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Is Cedar Hot Tub Kit ideal for you?:  People asked me for a kit that you can do it yourself on these outdoor hot tubs. My answer to them is it really depend. If you are a handy person and like to do thing yourself, consider the kits that are available in majority of hardware store near you. Otherwise, consider buying directly from the reseller. For example in UK, there is a reseller called Royal Tub -> see the next two pages for their link.

Still interested in the kits? Then consider buying one of the kits available on the net. For a smaller tub, you may want to do it all by yourself. However, for a larger one, it is important that you gather a friend or two to help you out. After all, these wooden hot tub kits are quite heavy. Having said that, you will not get lost, so don’t worry since the kits would come with detailed instruction. Please set a minimum of 8 hours a side when you plan to DIY for building these wood burning hot tub.

Japanese Style Outdoor Cedar Hot Tubs
Japanese Style Outdoor Cedar Hot Tubs
Japanese Style Outdoor Cedar Hot Tubs
Japanese Style Outdoor Cedar Hot Tubs

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Unique Balinese Architecture in the middle of forest

As you know I am currently based in Indonesia. While Jakarta boosts a 10 million people, I always can find a sanctuary in Bali. Thanks to its preserve forest and its unique home design the balinese style , I can always enjoy my self there. Like in previous posts, today I am going to showcase an award wining design of a Leaf Shaped Roofs Balinese architecture designed by IBUKU team. Alright, let’s start… About IBUKU Team The IBUKU is a group of inspired young designers, architects and engineers. The team explores groundbreaking ways of using bamboo to build homes and event spaces

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The Wondrous Waterfront Residence in Miami Beach

This impressive waterfront residence is located in Miami Beach. This luxurious designer villa features more than 6 bathrooms and 6 bedrooms. With a large windows and patio furniture, the villa is an impressive piece of architecture in the modern world. Waterfront residence with Infinity Pool And yes, this villa has an infinity pool that overlooking the open sea. this stunning waterfront villa is named Valentina miami. It is for rent at no less than  6 to 11k USD per night. However, with its access to the private pier, you can live an ultra rich life. villa valentina miami beach florida Photo Now please

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Hush chair by freyja sewell for sale

Freyja sewell biography Before showing the Hush pod by Freyja Sewell, let’s start to understand who she really is. While I do not know when was Freyja born, she is still a very young and talented designer. Some famous companies she had worked are Fatboy , The London Design Museum and Selfridges. She is a big fan of sustainable development. She works with materials that are natural or biodegradable in her product development. Her long term aim is to reduce consumption by making sustainable, long-lasting products which are available on the mass market. Hush pod – Get away pod in

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